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Dirty Frank's Opening night review and photos!

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    Not sure if I should start a new thread for this or not, but I wanted to share some of the photos I took of opening night at Dirty Frank’s as well as find out what everyone else thought. I got there around 5, right after my work let out downtown and was able to meet up with a friend who had snagged a table (thank god). About 5 minutes later, there was a line out the door to get a table and it never went away the whole 2 or so hours I was there. The service was awesome despite the frenetic energy in the room, I was able to get very tipsy off my (delicious) vodka sweet teas and then inhaled my two veggie dogs. I ended up trying the classic Chicago dog and also had to get one with cream cheese (I think the one I got was the Razzle Dazzle). Both were great and much cheaper than I was expecting, as were the drinks. I was kind of sad they didn’t have any jeni’s ice cream yet for root beer floats and the slushie machine had to re-slush, meaning we couldn’t get alcoholic slush drinks, but overall, it was a lot of fun. I saw lots of people at the opening too, but was mostly too shy to say hi to people I only know from the internet.

    Can’t wait till they open for lunch service. what kind of dog did you guys get?

    dirty franks 11

    dirty franks 10

    dirty franks 9

    dirty franks 8

    dirty franks 4

    dirty franks 3

    Cheryl vs the hot dog

    jem loves when the tips stick out

    dirty franks 5

    She has spirit. hot dog spirit.

    dirty franks 7

    dirty franks 13

    dirty franks 12

    dirty franks 14

    dirty franks 15

    dirty franks 16

    dirty franks 17

    dirty franks 25

    dirty franks 24

    dirty franks 23

    dirty franks 22

    dirty franks 21

    dirty franks 20

    dirty franks 18

    dirty franks 19


    CMH Gourmand

    Great photos….Good Job!!!



    Saw you taking those. Good pics.




    Somehow I posted twice. Forgive my overexuberence.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Great photos! Really did a nice job of capturing what a bright and sunny place this is! ;)

    Anyway, I had the Whoa Nelly and a Cherry Slushie. Good stuff. Will be back quite often. :D



    Tried to get in but it was too crowded and I had to get back to work. Sigh. Place was poppin’ @ 6:00!

    Is there a legal limit on how many dogs one can consume?



    i can’t wait to check out this space and try the veg options! yay!



    i can’t wait to check out this space and try the veg options! yay!



    Tried to stop in about 9, but it was too busy and I was starving. Will make it over the long weekend for sure though.



    Ahh… so nikon_girl is la femme jen!! It’s all coming together!

    I’m seibu1 on Flickr, btw. Saw you there tonight, I would have introduced myself had I known.

    It was quite the scene tonight. :D

    Anyway, I was seriously impressed with the food and the service tonight. The fried leeks were incredible. And the tator tots were done just right as well. The hot dogs were incredibly flavorful, even the buns were great.

    But maybe the most impressive thing about tonight was the DF staff. Even though it was opening night, and there was a line out the door, the service was as you would expect from a Liz Lessner place: friendly, competent, and efficient.

    Well done, Liz. Another Columbus treasure, and another much-needed downtown destination.



    Ahh… so nikon_girl is la femme jen!! It’s all coming together!

    I’m seibu1 on Flickr, btw. Saw you there tonight, I would have introduced myself had I known.

    And I’m also @jen_k on twitter! I have way too many internet pseudonyms :-X

    and yes, say hi next time, I’m shy!



    Tried to stop in with friends but the line was too long and I was too hungry so went to Betty’s instead. The place looked amazing and will definitely be back! Liz Lessner’s restaurants rock!



    i was psyched to see that it was open, as i passed by, on my way to the library. on my way back home i stopped in and apparently they had just opened to the public about 5 minutes before. i asked if i could order something to go and then thought i’d sit down and have something. i started off with a jack on the rocks and then had a srarcha (no idea how to spell that) slaw jumbo beef dog with onion rings. i forgot how trendy it is to order a pbr, but i ordered one on draft. they didn’t have any draft beers available, according to my wonderful server, so i ordered that big-ass can they had. i was stuffed. i stayed for my beer, kind of reading from a book, but mostly staring at the cartoonish artwork all over the walls — all the hair bands and other rock stars. i noticed a couple of michaels. the colors — mustard and ketchup — are so warm and friendly. i was amazed to see that they plan to stay open until 2am. i live right across the street, so i’m seriously thinking about installing a zipline from my window down to the sidewalk, in front of dirty frank’s.



    Gorgeous photos!

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