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Dirty Frank's Hog Dog Palace

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    Looks great! Other than the obvious Chicago-style (gotta love a good Chicago dog), the “True Love Always” is calling to me – cream cheese + green olives FTW!



    I gotta tell ya, first of all…I’m simply going to hand that menu back to the server/counter person and say “I’d like this please”.

    But out of all of those, I’m really intrigued by the Nikola.



    Sriracha Slaw Dog or the Zippity Zam!


    CMH Gourmand

    Foodcast should be up on Thursday with the Downlow on Dirty Franks.

    In the meantime – a Chicago Food primer:


    And how the Dirty Franks Crew does product research and recipe testing.

    Hot Dog Daze: A Dirty Franks Field Trip

    Hot Dogs…it’s what’s for dinner.



    Fried leeks! Brilliant! Can’t wait for the opening!



    Yeah, props for the fried leeks and for the general creativity. Sadly, mature milk products don’t agree with me, so I won’t be able to evaluate the cream cheese + hot dog offerings, which are the most eyebrow-raising on the menu. But sriracha, here I come….



    Is DF open? I read in last week’s TOP that it was to open Monday (with any luck).

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    lifeliberty wrote >>
    Is DF open? I read in last week’s TOP that it was to open Monday (with any luck).

    The last I heard from Liz’s tweets was end of week pending some final inspections…



    It’s sounding like tomorrow or Friday will be DOG DAY!


    Elizabeth Lessner

    We ran into a snag with last week’s fire suppression (hood) inspection. Here’s a new one: apparently all kitchen equipment has to be tethered to the wall! Why? In case of an earthquake! In downtown Columbus. Yes, a possible earthquake has delayed us this time.

    Anyway, we didn’t pass last Thursday due to the non-tethered kitchen equipment (none of our other restaurants have equipment tethered to the walls making them less safe in case of earthquake-fyi). We immediately tethered the equipment and we are being re-inspected tomorrow.

    After tomorrow’s inspection, we have our final health inspection by the Columbus Health Department and upon passing that, we will open.

    We are very eager and excited to serve you Vienna All-Beef Kosher Hot Dogs, Veggie Dogs, Frostop Root Beer on draught, Jeni’s Ice Cream for Frostop Root Beer Floats and Lime and Cherry Slushies-spiked with booze if you please. Some fun beers on draught and plenty of delicious sides.

    Walker is headed in to take some photos of the interior to post later this week and we will post here as soon as we open. The first week we will open at 4pm, then open regular hours starting at 11am.

    Thank you kindly, everyone, for your patience and positive vibes. We have needed them!



    Yay! Good luck, Liz! I rode past yesterday – just a 5 minute bike ride from my house. I’m excited!



    Thanks for the heads up and sorry for all of your snags Liz. I cannot wait and my life just got soooo much better reading all of this:

    Frostop Root Beer on draught, Jeni’s Ice Cream for Frostop Root Beer Floats and Lime and Cherry Slushies-spiked with booze if you please



    …can…not…wait :D



    I would love to start my weekend of painting hell part 2 after a “few” boozie slushies. I can be present for slipping some Benjamins to inspectors if needed. Enough already with the red tape, let’s get this thing moving!!



    Alright Liz! You and Harold are running the final lap now. It’s looking really nice inside – very Elizabethish with all your wall decorations. The retrofit items from City Center look great in there. I appreciate your demolition purchases. It means the World to me just to know that a little bit of City Center will live on in Dirty Franks.

    I’m looking forward to the grand opening.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 783 total)

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