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    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    The Wayfarer wrote >>
    Along with toasted buns, I think warm, melted cheese sauce instead of cold shredded cheese would be a great improvement. This occurred to me while enjoying the Timmow recently. It was good “as is,” but I found the contrasts of texture and temperature in the cheese to be a bit off-putting. Some melty goodness would have taken it to a new level.

    I’d have to be given a choice…plain cheez whiz makes me gag my brains out. I’d be supersad if that were the only choice.



    WF–I prefer the opposite. No toasted bun and I liked the shredded cheddar on the Tdog, I dsliked the melted cheese on the fries. next time order it the way you want, they do have melted cheese if that is what you want.

    No one is writing off DFs, but if LL is looking for where they might focus their improvements then she can find some suggestions here. I gotta say, a hot dog with roasted red peppers was new to me and it was a very good combo.

    Wonder what a battered and deep fried T dog would taste like…(just kidding, but i thought someone would go ‘there’ a while ago and I haven’t seen that come up)
    I think their menu is a good size and has a great selection for the size of the place. Prices are very fair too. Food came pretty fast from time of order.(HUGE plus when you are in and out for lunch)

    at times is got really LOUD in there, but I could hear my company fine.



    We best be careful not to derail this thread :) We’re supposed to be talking about the virtues of Dirty Franks! Lets create another thread of “worst service in the ‘hoods”.
    *Thurmans can rank up there in the bad service category on occasion too, I almost strangled Victor one night it was that bad.*



    Bodega is OK overall. The service problems I have there are generally due to the place being waaay overpacked with people.. Once I get up to the bar to order, that appears to happen quickly enough.. When I go in for a beer on a random evening, it’s pretty quick..

    DF has had good service overall the times I’ve been in.. The only serious service lapse I’ve experienced was a recent evening I went in for a late dog and the condition of the counter was pretty bad.. A friend came in later and sat next to me and I had to warn him to keep his elbows clean.. The bartender finally caught on and wiped down part the of the counter where we were sitting (though not all) and apologized, but they definitely didn’t have their head in the game that night..

    On the other hand the night I went in a few days before that, the service was more what I’ve come to expect from a Liz & Co. place. The waiter was on top of everything and had drinks to us within a minute of placing the order(kudos to the bartender as well)! He also did a good job up-selling the jumbo dogs (not really hard to do with my brother and I)..


    The Wayfarer

    lifeliberty wrote >>
    WF–I prefer the opposite. No toasted bun and I liked the shredded cheddar on the Tdog, I dsliked the melted cheese on the fries. next time order it the way you want, they do have melted cheese if that is what you want.

    Good call! That hadn’t even occurred to me, I’ll do that next time.

    On a more positive note, I’ve had nothing but great service at Dirty Frank’s even from day 1.



    Had DF’s for the first time Saturday night as well. We had 4 dogs and fries and here is what we thought… First, the bartender/server was very cool. We got our food fast too, it was to-go. First the good: the greek dog and the Ohioana (very original I thought) were very good! The sauerkraut dog however, was not good at all. We got the polish sausage thinking that would make it better and were disappointed. The dog was overcooked and the sauerkraut bland. What was worst though was the coney. I don’t know how something so basic could come together in a way that was almost unedible. It was a one bite and done fistful of bland mush. Here is where the soft/soggy buns (which I liked on the first two dogs) don’t seem to hold up. To top it all off the fries were the absolute worst things I have ever seen come out of a fryer. Overcooked in what looked and tasted like dirty oil.

    Despite this, we will likely try DF’s again even though I’d give the first experience a strike.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    I so want a hot dog right now.

    and mac and cheese.



    I’ve been 3 times in the last 3 days. No complaints. Sat. night I just went there for drinks and the service was excellent.


    Honestly, at this point I would chalk up bad service, and off dishes, to the fact that the place has been butt-packed since Day 1.

    I mean, it’s probably good to bring this stuff to mgmt’s attention, but really… if I were jumping through my rear to serve that big of a crush of people for so many weeks, I’d most definitely make a few snafus.



    Sorry, we were actually there on Friday night, not Saturday. I want to say it was about 1am and the place was almost totally empty. Maybe 2 tables and us at the bar. There were a few people in the kitchen working so staffing didn’t seem to be an issue. I know the place is kind of new, but good restauranteurs don’t open until AFTER they can ensure a consistent dining experience. And again, ours was just one experience and will give it another try.


    I am sure that Liz and Co appreciate your criticisms– they love to please!



    Been to DF’s twice so far. I’m pretty used to my routine, and have had the Ohioana both times. The only knock I would give is I’m still used to a toasted bun. While the soft bun was OK, it is just different than some other places. I’ll have to get used to it. I will also say that the fries here are not good at all.
    For a straight hotdog joint, I give it thumbs up. I don’t know if I would be interested in making this part of my bar hangout routine though. But when I’m craving a dog for lunch, this is a good spot. I will say though, come January if there isn’t a parking spot right out front, not sure how fired up I’m going to be about walking!



    Get the tater tots instead of fries. They’re great!



    Oak wrote >>
    I hate to report it – but I had a terrible experience at Dirty Franks on Saturday night – so bad in fact that i’ve been looking for Liz L’s email address so I could shoot her a quick note to let her know.
    I do have a frame of referance – I’ve been to the DF at least twice, but I took a group of friends on Saturday night. None of them had been there, except for me, and I was anxious to show off the place.

    Our waiter was either high, drunk or just an idiot. Hopefully it was both of the former and not the latter because I hate to make fun of people’s intelligence. First, one of my friends asked him about the price of a drink because it wasn’t clear on the menu – instead of telling him, the waiter went off to order it! *strike one* We ordered our food – hot dogs and sides all around. About 5 minutes later – he came back to the table and said “I’m sorry – what did you have? I can’t read my own hand writing” *strike two* Our hot dogs finally came out, but we were missing two sides of onion rings; he hadn’t ordered them! *strike three* Then about 5 minutes later only one side of onion rings came out, the other never arrived *strike four* On top of all this, he never came back to check on the food, nor offer any more drinks – I had to flag him down for another round. *strike five* Lastly – the bill came. It was all on one ticket and we were so frustrated with the experience, i just paid for it all so we could leave. The next time I go to the DF I’m just going to go alone. That way, if the service is bad, i’m the only one who has to be upset and not all of my friends. I hope Liz can bring this place up to par with Bettys/TipTop/SurlyGirl!

    Thank you for your time and comments. We really appreciate your input. They’ll go a long way in helping Dirty Frank’s become another great Columbus restaurant.

    I’m sorry that you had such a bad experience. I’m mortified. There is no excuse for you to experience this type of service at our restaurant. We have investigated the situation and will address the staff responsible for your service, as well as the rest of the staff, to assure this doesn’t happen to another guest. We will rectify this situation.

    I will contact you personally to gather more information and any other concerns you might have.

    Thank you again for your time.

    Dirty Frank’s FOH Manager


    went tonight, all was well!

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