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Denise's Ice Cream has closed

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    bldng4jstc wrote >>
    As far as parking, yes parking was hard if parallel parking gives you nightmares or walking the 250ft from the parking lot behind the building is something you would label as ‘exercise’.

    +1 to this – I never went into Denises but I frequent other businesses in the immediate area. I never have problems parking.



    I took my wife there a few times while we were dating. They had good ice cream and some flavors that Jeni’s didn’t offer. But we stopped going there because of the service. The kids at Jeni’s are always helpful and encourage sampling. Denise’s was never as busy as Jeni’s but they would make us feel uncomfortable and imposing if we asked for tastes. I also thought it was simply bad form to blatantly copy the competition’s best sellers and claim that theirs was better. They just didn’t embrace Columbus (or Ohio) the way Jeni’s does (or Liz Lessner does). Rather, they had an air of self-righteousness and smarminess that was off-putting. I will remember some of their ice creams fondly… but I won’t really miss Denise’s Ice Cream.



    I’m really going to miss the Guinness Ice Cream :-(


    Elizabeth Lessner

    My dream scenario for this space is that Gatto’s Pizza moves in here from across the street and has dine in service. Mmmmm….

    Eager to find out what goes in next.



    Oh really ?? !!

    comment by sirwilliams[/url]


    gold sounds

    drove by there today and it looks like there’s something going on. The for sale sign is gone and the windows are all covered up…


    gold sounds

    update: was in Mozart’s the other night and was talking to the owner. He said they bought the old Denise’s building, they’re going to do a cafe and possibly make ice cream too. He said they should be open in about 2 months.



    Mozart’s will be holding a fundraiser, in the former Denise’s Ice Cream, to benefit the three Doyle children.

    Fundraiser at new ice cream shop to benfit Doyle children
    * Memorial service set for May 6, Christian mass on May 9 for Mrs. Doyle.

    “Clintonville residents are stepping up to help three children who are dealing with something no one should ever have to face…

    A fundraiser will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, May 15, at the new Vienna Ice Cafe, located at the former home of Denise’s Homemade Ice Cream at 2899 N. High St., Anand Saha, president and co-owner of Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe said.”


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Official opening date of Vienna ice Cafe is July 1st:

    Vienna Ice Cafe Opening Soon in Clintonville



    Great news!



    I love Stan. He was a good man. I walked there almost every day as a kid and got my butter cream ice cream. He even generously hosted an event at my middle school. I scooped the ice cream for my peers he was awesome. I bet he still has my picture in his wallet because he is that kind of guy. He wpuld tell people i was his daughter. I used to count how many ice creams i ate but after 360 something i lost track lol. I wish i could have another scoop for old time sake. I hope he is okay and doing well.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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