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    Porky said:
    But it’s not that they offer crab cakes, it’s that they take them to another level.
    Kobe Beef Sliders with smoked gouda, caramelized shallots, chipotle aioli – don’t think you’ll find those on the menu at Friday’s.

    truffle pomme frites with smoked ketchup, drool.

    also that bibb salad mentioned above was amazing.


    triple smoked even… I usually don’t like house made ketchup’s but this on is really good.



    FSonicSmith said:
    I am sorry for sounding contrarian about a place that I have not yet tried, but sheeeeittt, why do we Columbusites put up with the most cliche of dishes after everyone else save the folks in Minnesota, Kansas, and Oklahoma have long grown weary of them? Sliders, crab cakes, and lobster mac-n-cheese are tired as hell. I guess, to answer my own question, the restaurants feature this stuff because we Central Ohio-ans are not exactly adventuresome and our local proprietors don’t like taking risks either, or can’t afford to. Personally, if I want to step back in time I go to The Top or The Clarmont. But otherwise, I expect something a bit more current than sliders, crab cakes, or lobster mac-n-cheese. Leave that crap for TGIFridays, O’Charleys, Champps, and their ilk.

    So put your money behind the concept you want to see.



    got the Grilled chicken Club for lunch. the fries were great, but I wasn’t much impressed with the sandwich. Not that it was bad at all, but I guess I expected a little more. for one, it was untoasted, or maybe it was, I couldn’t tell. not that the bread was toasty like toast, but it was dry like toast. I did like the ketchup. reminded me of a tomato sauce, or salsa, not the same ole vinegary ketchup you are used to getting.

    for the price you’d be better off going with the MoJoe turkey and Bacon sandwich which is grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich and comes with a side(I always get sweet potato fries) or the Turkey club from Zoup(with side of soup).

    Maybe it’s my preference for toasted sandwiches that chooses these winners, but in the end, winning is winning.

    I’ll definitely be back though to try the burger and the eggs benedict.

    the interior is beautiful. I think they did a great job of re-doing the old Coach’s chicken/Kyrie spot. the waitstaff was very nice. one thing is that if you have HDTVs, have them tuned to HD channels. i think one at the bar was and the other wasn’t. Whether this is true or not, I noticed a difference in the picture quality between the two. not a major issue, cept I was closer to the worse looking tv picture and noticed it. that’s just a little pet peeve of mine.



    We have had two dinners there in the past three weeks and they have been two of the best meals we have had in Columbus in a while. Instead of blindly bitching about the menu being cliche, you really ought to go put their food in your mouth so you don’t sound so silly. I am all for a range of opinions, but panning a menu before you try the food is arm chair quarterbacking at its worst.

    Go try this place as soon as you can – its a great addition to the rapidly-improving food & entertainment mix downtown.


    Mister Shifter

    Three friends and I had dinner there last night and loved it.

    The double bone-in pork chop was amazing. It was sitting on top of this caramel apple bread pudding and had a hazelnut compound butter on top. Loved mixing all of that together on the fork each time. Super yums.

    My other friends all enjoyed their meals as well. We passed around little samples of our dishes to each other to try. The lamb belly entree and Bánh mì sandwich were really, really good. I actually preferred the sandwich and and looking forward to stopping back to try it for lunch some day.

    Washed everything down with a couple great black IPA’s from 21st Amendment. Beer selection on the menu was solid enough.

    I actually swapped my Valentines Day reservations from another restaurant to de NOVO so I can go back soon. Two thumbs up.


    Mister Shifter

    Went back again tonight. I might be hooked.

    The filet mignon with porcini boursin risotto was so_damn_good. I continue to be highly impressed with the food. For what it’s worth the service has been great each time. I gotta hit the place up for lunch soon to try the Kobe chorizo burger or cuban sandwich, although their banh mi is hard to resist. Great addition to the Columbus food scene.



    I stopped in for brunch last Saturday on my way to work. Their Shiitake Mushroom and Goat Cheese Crepes ($6.50) were light in volume, yet rich in flavor, served with a side of tasty griddle brown potatoes.

    With eyes bigger than my stomach, but hungry from a light dinner the night before, I also ordered their Single Breakfast Burger with Egg ($9), a house blend sirloin burger sandwiched between two grilled buns and toppings, topped with an over-easy egg (made to order). Also served with griddle brown potatoes, it’s a hearty breakfast on it’s own, complete with warm dripping egg yolk that mixed well with the browns.

    I skipped lunch in the employee cafe that day!

    Brunch hours are Saturday and Sunday, from 8am-3pm.



    Umm…how many whiskey snobs do we have on this board and no one has bothered mentioning how much this place rocks?!?

    I was out supervising our corral at Earth Day. Somewhat underdressed anticipating the weather to blow through around 12. So when an opportunity presented itself, I went across to De Novo to warm up. Walked by and saw a pretty decent Scotch selection, so my hopes are up. As I get near the bar, I overhear the conversation between bartender and patron. Pretty obvious these guys know their shit. So I ask about the rye, order a manhattan and sit back in watch. Without prompting or direction he adds bitters…stirs..STIRS…the drink (at this point my night is made). Awesome, awesome drink.

    But wait it gets better….he comes back to check and then pours me a sample of what is apparently a house special. An aged manhattan. Yeah.

    I’m definitely heading back.



    Very nice! I’ve eaten there, but haven’t drank there or sat at the bar. Might have to remedy that. Thanks for the report!



    JonMyers said:
    One complaint. The music. When we came in bad 70’s/80’s metal was playing and continued the entire time… Rush’s “Living in the Limelight” and Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” don’t really complete the experience for a meal at that price point in a space that nice.

    Rush and Def Leppard are not Metal, but point taken. ;)



    lifeontwowheels said:
    Umm…how many whiskey snobs do we have on this board?



    Les Schtroumpfs

    My wife and I went for the first time on Sunday for brunch. I have heard great things, from multiple people, but we were a little disappointed. We had a $50+ bill for an omelet, biscuit + gravy and three drinks. It took almost forty five minutes to get our food even though there were only a few other tables. The biscuits were so dry that the pretty good gravy could not save them. The omelet was very bland. Based on the positive reviews I’ve heard, I’m willing to give it another shot but it would have to be much better for the price to bring me back a third time.



    3 drinks each or 3 drinks total?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 63 total)

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