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Cycletracks and painted bike lanes

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    byJody said:
    Lotw, I work on High street and got honked at travelling to my bank and rec center, also both on High St. I am a huge fan of goggle maps, but I don’t see how it would help me in this case. I do appreciate your perspective though.

    My point is that each person’s experience by bike is largely personal and doesn’t reflect accurately on Columbus as a whole. Comparing one city’s infrastructure to our lack of such and trying to draw comparisons based on a personal experience really ignores the larger picture. A track in DC may not work well on High St. given the differences in geography, street scape and competing modes. I really fear we may lose short term gains in ridership increases because new riders continue to embrace any fears because of the experiences more experienced riders share. We should certainly educate and mentor and make them aware of the conditions that exist but we shouldn’t make a crisis out of nothing.

    As to Google, I think it’s a valuable tool to understand the geography and connections that exist in our region. It’s too easy to ride like you’re behind the wheel and old habits die hard-like taking the most direct route. That too often puts one on a busy road like High. Using the map can help one find a better option.

    Just as an example;

    From Broad and High to the CB office is 6 miles up High and estimated at 16 minutes by car.

    The same trip by bike is about 40 minutes at an 8 MPH pace or 32 at a 10-11 MPH pace. When you use the bike direction feature on Google the 3 routes range from just a hair over 8 miles to just a hair under 9 and travel time (10-11 MPH pace) from 45-51 minutes. Playing with the map you can get a Neil Ave route of 7.2 miles and 41 minute travel time.

    Personally I accept all modes of transportation have consequences. In a car I have to take the hit to my wallet and gridlock. On a bike I take a hit in time. What’s another 5-10 minutes if I can enjoy a tree lined street and virtually no traffic?



    LOTW, I love riding Neil Ave. Yes, if I was riding from Broad St, that would be a good route.

    I think your offer to help people figure out a route and how to ride is a valuable offering. (referring to your past posts, not this thread specifically).

    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    For me at least, one of the rewards of cycling has been extracting myself from the prevalent obsession about time, and focusing more on the fullness with which I’m living, each moment, hour, and day.

    When I first traded four wheels for two, I often caught myself acting like a motorist trapped in a cyclist’s body, overly focused on the destination and the one after that and so on, as well as irritable toward others with whom I had to share the road. As I look back on some of the angry, perhaps adrenalin-crazed, exchanges with motorists I had when I first started, it seems–ironically and maybe paradoxically–to illustrate this point.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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