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Cup O Joe: Annoying music at night - resolved

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    cyclist II

    Zeppelin Rules



    Mark, generous/thorough response on the matter.

    I understand your concerns of the late night noise, but the subject might be a little aggressive for people not reading the thread/posts. I have some sympathy for you (residents), but you should know this can happen when you move into the area. The band sounds excessive on a late weeknight, but the business owner doesn’t always have the ability to ask customers to leave at a particular time if it’s soon after normal closing hours. That would turn into another thread called “Cup O Joe kicked me off their patio and I wasn’t done with my latte!” I know some business owners that will wait for two hours after closing time for the two customers who’ve been done drinking/eating but continue to talk.

    In the end, a tough situation for the business and residents nearby, and kudos to Mark for trying to make it right.



    HeySquare wrote >>
    White noise, like traffic, is one thing. But people talking can be hard to ignore inside the house. At midnight, when you have a big meeting the next day, it can drive you insane. The Cup O’Joe patio in GV is about 5 feet from a private residence. It’s like having strangers in your living room all day long.

    Talk of the Nation Science Friday was tangentially discussing this recently. They were interviewing Joe Palca, author of a book on the science of annoyance. According to this guy the most difficult noise to ignore is a one-sided conversation (a la some assclown talking loudly on his phone in public). The mind has trouble ignoring speech to begin with and only getting one side causes a nasty cognitive disconnect that makes people very uncomfortable and messes with their ability to filter.


    So I guess the take away from that would be to tell people outside the window to talk a little louder so you can hear both sides clearly and effectively ignore it. LOL


    Elizabeth Lessner

    I love that Cup o’ Joe brings in live music on Monday nights. The neighborhood can use the bustle on slower nights for sure and according to the owner, the music was supposed to be inside.

    Mark’s a cool guy and a great neighbor who contributes in great ways to the Short North’s vibrancy, green-ness and success.

    As a long-time regular and knowing the staff of COJ, I know that a call to Cup o’ Joe from the OP would have likely stopped the music immediately, or might have yielded a faster response than an internet boycott of an otherwise good neighbor, small business and friend of the community.



    I definitely appreciate the response from Mark, and the outside amplification was turned off sometime after midnight last night. At that point, I could hear it but it was the same noise level as everything else on the street. I don’t know the name of the person my neighbor spoke to. I can ask him.

    In response to others, as I said in the original post, I emailed a week ago (through the online form), and I knew that my neighbor had called and spoken to someone directly last week. I had no reason to believe that calling this week would get anything done. Posting here actually got a response, as opposed to the other things we tried, so I’m not going to feel bad about it.

    Of course I know that living here will be louder than living in a suburb. I don’t yell out my window at people every night at 2:30 when they come out and scream about how they’re going to beat the crap out of each other. And I don’t care when there’s loud conversation or the same yelling coming from MoJoe, because that’s not the business owner’s fault. The amplification simply serves no business purpose. Anyone walking by can hear the music anyway and be attracted in without it.

    Again, thank you Mark.

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    Shouldn’t loud music, sirens, traffic, people talking/laughing/fighting/puking/crying and a host of other urban noises be considered before moving down here. I mean, it comes with the territory and it’s one big difference between urban vs. surburban living. Anyone should know that it’s not going to be all peace and quite down here. You don’t move to NY and call the cab company because they are honking too much. So basically what we’re saying is that we should stop certain things that attract a certain type of person on a certain type of night. Should we only allow outdoor music on the weekend? Absurb. No offense, but if somebody cannot handle the noises of the urban jungle on a nightly basis, then move somewhere quieter. I have to listen to Park St. bars music almost every night of the week, but I knew that before I moved down here. It’s just something you get used to. The positives far outweigh the negatives, including loud dj’s.



    My point exactly.
    Rather than force a local business to apologize to you publicly on a message board, get a map before you rent.



    Let me put it this way, they are breaking the law. After 10pm, even in a business-zoned district, the noise level at my window can’t exceed 70db, which I’m sure it was.

    Just because you don’t find it annoying, doesn’t mean I have to share your opinion.


    The take-home message: Cup o’ Joe is responding in a positive and timely way to public criticism. That’s a win-win.



    jpizzow wrote >>
    You don’t move to NY and call the cab company because they are honking too much.


    Under the new code that is going into effect, a bar or club can be fined if the music is “plainly audible” to and officer just 15 feet outside the business. If the bar is fined, first offenses can be anywhere from $3200 to $8000, however if the business submits a plan to muffle the noise the fee can be waived.



    You have to realize, you did move into a very “active” area that is alive and kickin’ til 2am in the morning Sunday to Sunday. But, by law, I don’t believe a club or any other establishment is allowed to pipe out or play live music (loudly) outside, past a certain hour, unless zoned to do so.



    To those who say “urban living means you gotta eat noise, sucka ass sucka”, pardon my bluntness but you’re wrong. Columbus has laws, and if your business is within 25ft of a residential area after 10pm, then the sound should be no more than an average office conversational voice ie 65dB.

    I’m not saying people living in mixed use areas shouldn’t brace for different things than living out in BFGahanna or such, but still, dem laws be da laws and home owners/renters have rights.



    we all know our nightlife can use any help it gets… especially on weeknights. i love how cup o’ joe is a great part of that process, and i would just hate to see what they bring to the neighborhood doused. live, local music is great. life, late at night is great.



    Does the noise law apply to church bells? I live 2 blocks from a church and sunday morning/afternoon is sleepy time for me.



    What the hell, people? Was it too resolved for you?

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