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Cup O Joe: Annoying music at night - resolved

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    Last Monday, Cup O Joe/MoJoe on the cap put some kind of guitar/singer/piano group on their patio with an amp, playing til about 1am. Which is great, because my window is about 100 yards from where they are playing. I sent them an email through their website, no response.

    Tonight they have the group inside, because it’s raining. But they still have the music being piped outside. You know, to attract all the people walking by in the rain. I don’t know how anyone can really be attracted in by this group anyway, since they are terrible, but that’s beside the point. Even if they were good, I don’t want to listen to them past midnight on a Monday.

    One of my neighbors also called last week. They appear to not give a crap. So, I will at least not be taking my business there anymore.



    So who do I write to complain about having to read this whiny BS?


    Not “whiny BS” at all. An otherwise beloved local business is playing loud music past 11 on a Monday night? Not good.

    Having live music in the neighborhood is great. It would draw me in this summer for happy hour, for sure. But having live music in the neighborhood on a Monday night past 11 is not, let alone past midnight.



    I would call them also, maybe drop by and talk to them. Much more noticeable than email, twitter, driving by and giving the bird.

    I do understand your plight and once had to move due to noise from a bar that built a patio outside my window. Ideally mixed use nieghborhoods play well together, unfortunately, this is not always the case.



    From the tags on this post this is the Short North Cup O Joe…
    100yds from that shop is oh… I don’t know, a major highway, numerous bars, and probably the most active part of the downtown area…

    If you don’t want the bustle of the city, move to the ‘burbs.
    Don’t crap on a local independent shop trying to bring some much needed live music to the Short North on a weekday and expect to get folks to jump on the “takin’ my business elsewhere” train with you.
    Just move somewhere more suitably sterile for you.

    So it’s not whiny… its pretentious.


    Live music inside a Short North establishment at 1:00 on a weeknight isn’t a big deal and is great for the neighborhood.

    Amplified music outside at 1:00 AM on a Monday is not.



    Being opposed to this isn’t pretentious, nor is that opposition indicative of a need to move to the ‘burbs. The highway, the traffic, the rest of the neighborhood, etc., all have quieted down on a Monday by 11. There is now an exception.

    That exception, well-intentioned though I’m sure it is, is discourteous of Cup o’ Joe, an otherwise excellent neighbor.

    Live music on a Monday night is great. The bustle of the city on a Monday night is over at 11; the music should be, too.


    I think it really goes back to whether the band is good or not.



    Must be a thing with people who live by Cup o Joes. I can recall getting yelled at by some guy who lived above the shop for just sitting in a group on the GV patio on a weekend night at midnight.



    Snarf wrote >>
    I think it really goes back to whether the band is good or not.

    Not really. If someone time-traveled the Cavern Club-era Beatles to my backyard at 1:00 am on a Monday night, the novelty would wear off after about 10 minutes, then I’d politely ask them to take their clatter somewhere else.



    Sorry for the stupid mistake. I did not know the band would play outside, let alone, after 11pm. That is indeed annoying and it will not happen again. I would love to know who your neighbor spoke with. BTW- all of our stores have my office number and our website has a contact form (for some reason I did not recieive your email) just in case one of us does not see the public forum comments. My office number is 614.487.6050. I would be happy to send some gift certificates to the residents to make up for the inconvenience. Just PM me with your address or call my office. I hope you and the neighbors will accept my apology.
    Mark Swanson
    Cup o’ joe/MoJoe Lounge



    Anything past 10PM is pretty much taboo. much larger high street events than cup o’ joe band night have received a ‘shut ‘er down’ visit from the cops at that hour.




    that’s real cool swansonguy and cup o’ joe :)

    SOOO excited for the lazarus store to open!



    melikecheese wrote >>
    Must be a thing with people who live by Cup o Joes. I can recall getting yelled at by some guy who lived above the shop for just sitting in a group on the GV patio on a weekend night at midnight.

    Have you ever lived close to a restaurant or business? I have. You’d be amazed at how LOUD people talk when they are outside.

    White noise, like traffic, is one thing. But people talking can be hard to ignore inside the house. At midnight, when you have a big meeting the next day, it can drive you insane. The Cup O’Joe patio in GV is about 5 feet from a private residence. It’s like having strangers in your living room all day long.

    And since the Cup O’Joe patio is supposed to get closed up by 11 on weeknights and I think midnight on weekends, I imagine the neighbor was just about ready for closing time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I support the mix of business and residential, and it is the price we pay for living in mixed use neighborhoods. However, once we start getting past 11 or midnight, my sympathy switches to the homeowners.


    Extremely generous of you, SwansonGuy.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)

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