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CU Pizza Grand Prix - Sat Oct 4th 6pm-8pm @ Bristol

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    We are also collecting donations for Haiku Help.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    If you missed out the first time when we did this back in March, here’s how it all went down:


    No better way to try out loads of the best pizza shops in Columbus, all on the same night!

    Oh, and just like last time, we’ll keep a running list of what people are planning on bringing in this post, in order to keep as little duplication present as possible. So feel free to respond with what place your pie will come from, and what toppings will be on it. Thanks!

    – Anne : Minuteman Pepperoni & Mushroom

    – Walker : Hounddog’s Smokin Joe

    – Coremodels : Sparano’s Pepperoni

    – CMHGourmand : Adriatico’s – Sausage & Pep.

    – Cyclist – St. Louis style pizza

    – CatNFiddle – Pollo Putanesca from Mama Mimi’s

    – Roland – Enrico’s

    – briggszj – couple of cheeseless pies

    – hungrywoolf – Sarefino’s

    – KSquared – Gahanna Pizza Plus

    – Drew – BonoTogo

    – LauraA – Capuano’s

    – swampkitty – Whole Foods

    – AnneD – Massey’s

    – Enzo – Figlio’s or Tommy’s

    – shmack – Fabian’s

    – gramarye – Pizza Oven or Rocco’s from Canton

    – katieb – homemade

    – lifeliberty – Plank’s

    – Paul – Rofinis pepperoni and extra sauce

    – Donna Kestler – Villa Nova

    – Adam Duberstein – Rotolo’s



    I’m not sure if we’ll be operational yet be if we are I’ll donate a few.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Awesome, thanks!

    Would be a nice chance to try it out! :D



    100% awesome!



    If I’m not out of town then I’m down for this.

    The question is what to bring.



    Can former pizza pros like me bring a home-made pie?

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Sure. If you think it can hold up against some of the other local favorites. :D

    I’m wondering if we’re going to end up with one of every kind of BONO pie this time around. ;)



    Can this be an eating comp?

    I missed the last one, but look forward to this.. If there is anything that CU ilk know about, its eatin’.



    Cyclist wrote Can this be an eating comp?

    I missed the last one, but look forward to this.. If there is anything that CU ilk know about, its eatin’.

    I’m game, although I heard something about you eating a bunch of slices of pizza… and I really don’t like pizza all that much (I know, unAmerican of me).

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Cyclist wrote Can this be an eating comp?

    Nope. There’s a time and a place for everything, and this will be a more casual eating experience for everyone. This event is more about sharing your favorite pie with everyone rather than stuffing as much as you can in your craw.

    Anyway, I’ll be brining Smokin Joe from Hounddog’s. I hate dining-in there, so getting it to go is always a better option.

    Who else is bringing what? :D

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    No on the eating competition since the point is for everyone to try a bunch of kinds, not a few people to gorge themselves. ;)

    ALTHOUGH, I would be game for watching if people who wanted to do an eating competition brought their own x-Large pizza and first to down one wins!

    Anypizzas, I am bringing Minuteman, Pepperoni and mushrooms (of the delicious canned variety). YUM! Just ate that tonight and oh so good!


    I say CMHGourmand brings one of those ridiculously sized pizzas he brought last time and we all watch Cyclist try to finish it :lol:

    BTW, I’ll bring a pep from Sparano’s.


    CMH Gourmand

    I will bring a Portofino’s 30 inch pizza for Coremodels and/or Adriatico’s – Sausage and Pepperoni.

    If someone else wants to bring Adriaticos – that would be fine – we can’t have too much of that.

    Some tips for the party:

    Have a light lunch and a long stroll the afternoon of October 4th.

    Ask to have your pizza cut in small pieces or “tavern cut” – squares. Most pizzerias will do this on request. This makes the sharing much easier.

    It is not tacky to bring a ziplock bag or tupperware container with you – we had way too much leftover pizza last time and the ultimate test of many pizzas is how they taste cold the next day.

    Have fun – this is a great way to explore the Pizzas of Columbus. I’ll post about the History of Pizza in Columbus on October 5th – after you have all been inspired by a night of pizza gorging.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    I’m sad to be missing this one…got motorcycle racin and a birfday partay that day. Eat lots of pizza for me!!! :)

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