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COTA - Updates in 2014

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    Josh Miller
    Josh Miller

    Ridiculous… All of these projects, $59,000,000 worth including a 6.6 million CNG COTA bus but no one thought to tack on an extra million to assure fare-free CBUS?!


    The 16 projects proposed for funding are:

    Grandview Heights traffic signal system interconnect upgrade – $681,000
    New Albany traffic signal system upgrade – $935,000
    Johnstown Road, Alum Creek Trail to Cassady Ave – multi-use path/bike lanes – $1.11 million
    Reed Road, Lane Avenue to Henderson Road – reconstruction – $1.16 million
    Whitehall traffic signal system interconnect upgrade – $1.29 million
    Bexley traffic signal system interconnect upgrade – $1.47 million
    South Old 3C Highway, Tussic Street Road to Harrison Street – resurfacing – $1.6 million
    Olentangy Trail, Olentangy River Road/Bethel Road to Antrim Park – multi-use path – $1.85 million
    Sawmill Road, I-270 to Hard Road – major widening – $3 million
    Hilliard-Rome Road at Feder Road – intersection modification – $3.18 million
    Refugee Road, Winchester Pike to Hamilton Road – multi-use path/sidewalk – $3.53 million
    Refugee Road, Wheatfield Drive to Woodstock Avenue – major widening – $5.75 million
    COTA – compressed natural gas bus purchase – $6.6 million
    Tuttle Crossing Boulevard extension and Avery Road widening – $7 million
    North Hamilton Road, Morse Road to Chilmark Drive – major widening – $8.5 million
    Columbus traffic signal system, phase E – $11.49 million



    Huntington and Nationwide seem all too eager to affix their name to almost anything in town, I can’t believe that neither of them would be interested in sponsoring at least part of the operating cost of the Cbus.



    Personally, I’ve just about had it with COTA. Between the CBUS, poor service, price hikes, utter and complete lack of technology and innovation, mismanagement, etc., etc., from a customer standpoint, they’re a mess.

    I use COTA when the weather doesn’t cooperate for my usual commute, so, a handful of times a month maybe, more this time of year. It is always a disappointment to see how little has been done to make any sort of on-board advances for the people who ride (or who might ride). Stepping on a bus in Columbus today is no different from stepping on a bus in 1975.

    Not only are they not making it any easier to ride, they’re planning on making it worse. Instead of having 2 singles, next year you’ll need 2 singles and a handful of quarters. Your ONLY option unless you buy a pass or pre-paid ticket. Don’t have the cash in hand? You’re not riding the bus. In 2015.

    Free circulator? Not for long. More quarters. Any other option? Nope. Sorry. We can’t do that. Impossible. Tough luck.

    COTA has been a lot of public talk for YEARS about trying to increase ridership, and making improvements for reaching out to markets not currently tapped. Nothing but talk. There are more and more urban professionals who would at least consider using public transportation. And still, nothing has changed. It seems all too clear to me that COTA sees its ridership as primarily poor and under served, with little voice to complain, and few options for alternate transportation. Why bother improving? COTA’s lack of action show that they have no interest in actually providing a better product to Columbus and their customers, they merely tweak the existing system to collect more cash for their own coffers. It’s a shame. Columbus can do better.




    @DTown, I agree with many of your points, COTA desperately needs to join the rest of us in the 21st century as soon as possible. But, the Board of Trustees did have enough sense to veto the proposed fare increase for next year, which is good news and hopefully buys them enough time to make much-needed improvements.




    Thanks for that update, at least I won’t have to find a place to carry a roll of quarters. Still, the fact that it would have been put on the table in the first place simply reinforces my opinion of those in charge. And, come May, I may still need those quarters if I want to use CBUS.

    We’ve been waiting patiently for them to follow through on those much needed improvements for a long time. If they’re anything like the real-time tracking capability, I’m not optimistic we’ll see any of them before the next round of fare hikes.

    Hopefully, though.

    Josh Miller
    Josh Miller

    PBS Newshour ran an excellent piece tonight on Houston’s recent switch from a radial/spokes & hub system to a grid system, very similar to COTA’s concept. They interviewed a long time rider who was active in the planning and to that she said “if you’re not at the table then you’re going to be on the menu.” What a great inspiration!!

    Starts at 18:14 http://video.pbs.org/video/2365581196/

    Transit Columbus
    Transit Columbus

    Some recent thoughts from Transit Columbus on the progression of COTA’s TSR:

    Will COTA stick to its plan?

    By now you have probably heard of COTA’s “TSR” plan, also know as Transit System Review or more recently Redesign. Since the formation of COTA in the 1970s, the core system has in many ways, changed very little. This despite monumental shifts in population and development in the Columbus region. Enter TSR, a forward thinking initiative by COTA to comprehensively examine and rethink the design and function of its system.

    Read More

Viewing 7 posts - 121 through 127 (of 127 total)

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