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    New Complete Streets Thoroughfare Plan Could Have Big Impact

    Published on January 23, 2014 7:00 am

    By: Brent Warren

    The City of Columbus is looking to update its thoroughfare plan, the document that classifies every street in the city and provides guidelines for how big each should be and how much car traffic it should be able to accommodate. The new plan will take a decidedly different approach than the old one, which dates to 1993; it will follow the “Complete Streets” model, attempting to balance the needs of drivers with those of cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users.

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    Oh man, this is great. I hope it yields some positive results. If I could bike more places safely, I would. The bike lanes on King, for example, were a huge step forward.



    Acknowledging pedestrians as part of the mix is heartening. With the development of Grandview Yard and the increasing density of Harrison West (140 new units slated for the old Trotting Association property on Michigan), the intersection at Third and Olentangy will only become more and more dangerous for anyone not in a car. Two left-turn-arrow lanes on the West and right-turns-on-red for all guarantee dicey passage for cyclists and anyone on two feet, crosswalk or no crosswalk. Perhaps the City of Columbus could learn from the city of Dublin which took reasonable steps after the death of a woman in a crosswalk there. They posted special signs promoting pedestrian rights of way and added flashing lights to underscore the idea. As far as pedestrians are concerned, the city currently ends and the suburbs begin at Olentangy River Road, turning this intersection into a sort of border crossing. Like all border crossings, the intersection at Third and Olentangy warrants extra care.



    3rd and Olentangy is an odd place for pedestrians, especially those trying to get to and from the biking / walking trails on the east side of the intersection. The change in traffic patterns makes it interesting for anyone on the north side, and the increase in volume is going to make it even zanier. I DO like the idea of raised walkways, or at least dedicated pedestrian lights at the intersection.



    Walked from our house in Harrison West to the Hullabaloo last night. Not a pleasant experience to say the least. Especially fun was almost being hit by a firetruck (not hurrying to a fire, just ignoring us and rolling right through) turning right on red from olentangy to 3rd as my wife and I tried to cross at the walk signal. Hopefully 3rd can be made better before someone does get hit.



    I have had the exact same experience (except for the fire truck) at this intersection. It only takes once to put you off wanting to walk there. Any urban crosswalk with a right turn on red is dicey for those lacking body armor. I’ve been clipped several times at Gay and Front and my husband has almost been run down near the North Market at least twice, once on purpose by someone apparently experiencing pedestrian rage. I personally know of a lady who was killed at Morse & Karl on her way to a concert I was performing in. All of these incidents took place in crosswalks where the pedestrian had the walk light. Drivers who don’t expect to see walkers don’t, which is why, at the very least, signs & flashing lights are warranted. In an ironic twist, transitional housing has recently been added to the area, increasing the likelihood of cars encountering cyclists and people on foot.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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