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Columbus Working On Regulations For Pedicab Industry

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    Jason Beyondo

    Hi Folks,

    Now that the season is over for the most part, I was curious about your thoughts on how things have gone thus far?

    I can tell you that we did officially set the cap at 40, although there are only about 28 registered pedicabs in the city (including a few from out of town who just come for OSU games). So there is still plenty of room for us to grow locally.

    Thoughts? Questions?

    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    bucki12 said:
    How much does a pedicab cost? It sounds like a fun way to make some extra money as I live near the SN and OSU. It would also help keep my gut off. From looking around the internet it looks like you can make some pretty decent money if you are social and can get people into your cab.


    Looks like you can get started for around $850 –

    this link has a good description:


    You could add a few more lights and turn signals for around $30.

    How much money you spend depends on a variety of factors, including what and who you know. I paid $2200 for a customer built frame from a guy in San Diego. Then several hundred to ship the frame, and hundreds and hundreds more to powdercoat the frame, and install axle, hydraulic brakes, wheels, upholstery, and so on.

    All that cost me about $5,500, but it didn’t have to be that much, had I been smarter about it. My insurance is about $950 per year. You might find a used pedicab for 1 or 2 thousand or buy one new from Mainstreet for about $4,000.

    You want to make sure what you buy or refurbish will meet the standards in Columbus’ pedicab permitting process. There are some safety concerns with the axles and frames of some older pedicabs. Columbus will permit only unibody frames.



    Hey y’all I was searching for more pedicabs for my biz and came across your thread. Congrats on getting things organized and regulated in Columbus. It can be a pretty challenging process to say the least. I’ve got quite a bit of first hand experience here in Texas and maybe some helpful insight for you. Any questions feel free to ask. BTW we also have a 40 trike cap in the Arlington, Texas market. There are far more pros than cons to this. Anyway I hope your first season as a regulated venue was successful.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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