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Columbus Vegan Week October 24-31

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    Columbus Restaurants Veg Out By Participating in “World Go Vegan Week”

    Local Eateries Team Up with Animal Rights Group to Offer Vegan Hot Dogs, Wraps and Sandwiches

    Columbus, OH — In an effort to help protect animals and the planet, seven local eateries have collaborated with the Ohio-founded animal advocacy organization, Mercy For Animals, to offer exciting, new vegan options in celebration of World Go Vegan Week in October.

    Participating Eateries:

    – Phat Wraps, 10 E. 12th Ave.

    – Knead, 505 N. High St.

    – Columbus Brewing Company, 525 Short St. (Monday – Thursday Only)

    – All Betty’s Family Restaurants:

    Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, 73 E. Gay St. (Monday Only)

    Surly Girl Saloon, 1126 N. High St. (Tuesday Only)

    Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits, 680 N. High St. (Wednesday Only)

    Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, 248 S. 4th St. (Thursday Only)

    Dates: Sunday, October 24 – Sunday, October 31, 2010

    Vegan Week is a worldwide, annual celebration of compassion and sustainability that takes place this year from October 24 through October 31. Presented by Mercy For Animals in Columbus, Vegan Week seeks to promote compassionate, sustainable and healthy eating.

    Participating restaurants are dishing up veggie fare that will leave even the most die-hard meat-eaters begging for seconds. Phat Wraps will offer a vegan “ham & cheese” wrap. Columbus Brewing Company will serve vegan versions of classic dishes like chile rellenos and chili pot pie. Finally, Knead and all of the Betty’s Family Restaurants will be cooking up special vegan options, including Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace that will offer a classic Columbus hot dog with all the fixings.

    Why vegan? On today’s factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds, wire cages, gestation crates and other cruel confinement systems. These animals will never root in the soil, build nests or do anything that is natural to them. They won’t even feel the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air until the day they are loaded onto trucks bound for slaughter. Animals on factory farms have little to no legal protection. Cruelty that would be illegal if it were inflicted on dogs or cats, such as neglect, mutilation, transport through all weather extremes, and gruesome and violent slaughter, is commonplace in animal agribusiness. Yet farmed animals are no less intelligent or capable of feeling pain than are the dogs and cats we cherish as companions.

    In June, the United Nations announced that a global shift away from animal-based foods is necessary to save the world from the most devastating impacts of climate change, stating that meat, dairy and egg production is responsible for more deadly greenhouse gases than all of the cars, trucks, planes, trains, ships and other forms of transportation in the world combined.

    “These amazing and adventurous Columbus restaurants have developed an exciting array of great tasting vegan meals that are not only good for you, they’re wonderful for the planet and kind to animals,” says Nathan Runkle, Executive Director of Mercy For Animals. “Each time we sit down to eat we can choose kindness over cruelty by adopting a meatless diet, and a growing number of restaurants are showing we can still enjoy our favorite foods, without the cruelty.”

    For more information, visit Columbus Vegan Week




    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    Perhaps one of the things key with this sort of event is that vegan meals be prepared with culinary savvy. I’m not saying participants in this event do it, but some eateries offer vegetarian items by simply taking out the meat, often resulting in a not-so-satisfying meal.

    Simply omitting meat and dairy typically does not result in a healthful and delicious vegan meal. Other ingredients should come into play such as lentils, beans, tofu, amaranth, teff, and so on.

    Once people enjoy a vegan meal–instead of just debating people about it– they’re more like to think of it not as giving something up, but as exploring an alternative way of eating— a culinary, moral, and political experiment and adventure.

    A key concept is being innovative in light of our ever changing knowledge about our affect on each other and the rest of the planet. Why take pride in being stuck in a rut ?



    Starts today.

    Please consider supporting these restaurants this week with your presence & money. And let them know why you’re there.


    Since we don’t serve food, I thought I would promote a night where everyone brings their favorite vegan dish, side dish, snack or dessert to the bar. If you bring a dish, in return you receive 50 cents off all Bell’s beers on tap. NOT a vegan? That’s ok. Stop in and sample how good food can taste without the use of meat or dairy products. Incorporating more dishes like these into your diet can have great health benefits from weight loss to lowering cholesterol!


    This event is Wednesday night at St James Tavern from 7:30-10pm. Hope to see some of you there!


    Had lunch at Knead today for the first time. BF had the vegan sloppy joe with fries& I had the vegan lentil stew and the golden beet salad with no cheese. REALLY good stuff and we will be back. Great spot& very happy they chose to participate in this event& add these wonderful items to their menu.



    I’ve been trying to eat more vegan meals just cuz and I’m having the best (late) breakfast ever.

    half a pomegranate, half a cup of chia seeds bloomed in cashew milk (with cinnamon and cardamom), and half a cup of sliced almonds. it’s kind of like christmas morning.

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