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Columbus Speeding Tickets

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    elliemae13 said:
    Does anyone have experience successfully fighting speeding tickets and would like to share come advice?

    I’m an OSU student with no prior offenses considering fighting my speeding ticket. The cop was waiting on my road and I got pulled over a block from my home. I honestly don’t believe I was speeding and there is no posted speed limit. The officer incorrectly listed the make of my car, which makes me think she was either rushed or not very observant. Maybe she didn’t take very detailed notes either?

    I’m considering asking for discovery to obtain her notes and calibrations. Do you think it would be beneficial to reschedule my court date to a day she has off?

    What speed were you ticketed for or what did they clock you at ?
    If you do go to court you may be able to get them to drop it but unless you are smooth you are going to have to pay court costs it’s 90.00 right now I believe. I have beat a good amount some you win some you don’t. They like to make deals at the courts so play your cards right and it may go well.
    Many will say beating a ticket is not possible but there are other threads that have seen it done.



    elliemae13 said:
    Thanks for all the advice. One potentially important detail I should mention is that there are two speed limit signs posted within a few yards of where I pulled over, however both are Yellow & Black “suggested speed signs”. One is for 10 mph in a sharp turn and the other is for 25 mph due to speed bumps. The bumps were removed nearly two months ago but the signs remain. This is why I believed I was not speeding. I assumed that since the suggested speed was 25, the actual limit was higher.

    The speed limit is ALWAYS 25 if nothing is posted, btw. So even if you were to think the sign wasn’t applicable, you should have driven 25 anyhow. This is totally on the test to get your temps…

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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