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Columbus once again in the New York Times

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    Blundo – SO TO SPEAK
    Despite its attributes, Columbus lacks a catchy moniker
    Sunday, November 21, 2010 03:01 AM
    The Columbus Dispatch

    More on the Contest

    My entries:
    Hip and Happy
    THE Columbus (a spin on “The” Ohio State University)
    It’s Ohio, only tolerant!
    The melting pot



    the bellwether city



    Arch City, if it was ever widely used, is outdated. It sprang from the lighted wooden arches that spanned High Street in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (and have since returned in modern, metal form)

    Um, actually, Arch City was widely used, and I’d rather bring that back than come up with something new. Columbus’ strength is in its neighborhoods, and while I wouldn’t expect every street to be lined with arches the was the Short North is, arches like the ones for Old North Columbus would be relatively easy/inexpensive to install, would echo the nickname throughout the town, and could also help draw tourists to different areas of the city.

    Also, frankly, it would look a lot less desperate than trying to come up with/promote a brand new nickname from scratch.


    I’m all about highlighting the Arch city (no pun intended)


    I’m all about highlighting the Arch city (no pun intended)


    I’m all about highlighting the Arch city (no pun intended)


    a city with an identity crisis

    we’re cool, the New York Times says so, honest.

    Columbus, get over yourself and live a little

    we’re aspirational

    not your average test market



    fringeoutfitters wrote >>
    I’m all about highlighting the Arch city (no pun intended)

    While we have history on our side, St. Louis has a really big arch that identifies them. We’d need to differentiate ourselves from that:
    “Columbus – The Arch Deluxe City”



    Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see a link to the newest 11/12/10 article.

    Hello, Columbus
    How the Ohio city became a Midwestern gay mecca.



    Some good press for Cbus in the NYT’s “Looking Ahead to 2015 in Sports,” a round-up of where the most memorable moments in sports might happen throughout the world over the next year.

    Columbus features twice (us and NYC are the only places mentioned more than once), both for the NHL all-star game and OSU-MSU football game.

    But all-star-caliber hockey is not the only reason to visit Columbus. Just north of the arena is the Short North Arts District, home to the North Market and plenty of galleries, shops and bars. Just south is German Village, with its cobblestone streets and brick cottages. Stay at the German Village Guest House, eat pickles out of a barrel at Katzinger’s Deli, snack on a famed Bahama Mama at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus (established in 1886), head to Lindey’s Restaurant for dinner and shop at the quaint art house Helen Winnemore’s.



    Alex Silbajoris

    I was looking through a 1996 Gourmet magazine article listing the top restaurants in various metro areas. No Ohio location made the list back then.



    With memories of the state fair in mind and our designation as one of the fattest cities in America, can I suggest:

    Columbus: Spandex proving ground.
    Columbus: Where spandex is a right and not a privilege.

    Being named after an explorer who didn’t know where in the hell he was (and since we don’t have an identity):

    Columbus: Still lost and confused.


    one of the fattest cities in America

    Haven’t seen that…ever. Seen fattest state, but like most things Columbus isn’t all of Ohio.


    I think circa 2000, it used to be a regular top-fiver on the Men’s Fitness annual declaration. Like any of the lists, the equation is arbitrary and changes every year.


    (It’s #6 here, but there’s a reference to its earlier positions)


    Marble Cliff real estate is even crazier than Grandview.

    “$1,350,000 Homes in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Ohio”


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