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    To all those who claimed during the mayoral campaign that Columbus neighborhoods are doing just fine: Dispatch reporting today that Mayor Ginther acknowledges that many are in deep, deep trouble. Question is: Are they beyond the point where their problems can still be addressed at a reasonable cost?

    Why did the city allow things to get this bad? The neighborhoods’ plight is old, old news to those who spend time in them even if the politicians are suddenly realizing it.



    Hmmm. Do I think the guy recording conversations only recorded them with Chicago pols to give himself an escape plan….. Or do I think he recorded all calls ???? The Franklin county democrats have some real problems. or maybe they don’t. Maybe the justice department holds them nearer and dearer than Chicago.



    Dispatch article today addresses the inadequacy of Mayor Ginther’s ethics proposals. Who would have guessed? They’re essentially designed to maintain the pay-to-play status quo while giving the appearance of reform. I predict Columbus citizens will buy the package hook, line, and sinker. And when the next corrupt events come to light, they’ll believe the mayor when he says “I had no idea”.


    See the Dispatch web site for more on the Centerplate scandal. Defenders and apologists of the Coleman/Ginther political machine must be getting exhausted defending these scoundrels. Also, there’s a good editorial on Kevin Boyce, another product of the nasty, quasi-fascist machine. Maybe one does reap what one sows.


    So now Mayor Ginther’s father has been arrested on assault and domestic violence charges. He was also suspended from the bar twice (2003 and 2006) by the Ohio Supreme Court for misconduct and neglect of his clients. But mayoral campaign ads last year made it appear that both Ginther’s parents were practically saints — and Columbus voters bought the misleading hype hook, line and sinker.


    Do you hear that?


    Dispatch editorial,”Taxpayers soaked on parking garage”, demonstrates what Columbus officials do when they know the voters aren’t paying attention, as voters proved last November. You bought the machine’s lies, Columbus, now we’re all going to pay for it. (Wouldn’t be surprised if there are “success fee”- paying contractors to benefit as well.)


    Mayor Ginther fails to meet with the BREAD organization, even though he claims to share many of the group’s goals. perhaps if they had wanted to meet to discuss making contributions to his campaign fund rather than rebuilding neglected neighborhoods and the improving the lives of their residents, he’d have been there to collect so fast heads would spin.

Viewing 8 posts - 526 through 533 (of 533 total)

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