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    The Columbus International Film and Video Festival will be held at the Canzani Center on the CCAD campus November 9th through November 13th. Come see award winning films and videos from around the world! Tickets are just $5 and students get in free. For information on the festival, the films, and when they screen go to:




    There’s going to be a screening of “The End of Suburbia” here. Funny that we were talking about peak oil not too long ago when I brought this film up. It’s going to be screened on Nov. 12, at 7 pm. It’s looks like any students get in free with an ID, not just those who go to CCAD. I strongly urge everyone to watch this documentary. If you can’t make it, get it from the library at http://webpac.columbuslibrary.org .

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Yeah, Anne & I watched it a couple week ago. If you’ve already done some research on the topic than the info it presents are nothing too new. Plus, some of it feels a bit heavy on the “shock” and “scare” factors. I guess that might be needed to wake some people up to the fact that we WILL run out of oil in just a few more decades, but trying to make it sound like some sort of doomsday scenario is just obsurd sometimes. ;)

    Anyway, still worth watching, especially if you’re not aware of the issues at all.

    The whole film fest sounds like a lot of fun!



    AWESOME. I’ve never been to one of these and will be checking it out. :)



    Walker wrote I think for a lot of people it will be a doomsday scenario. Oh, and remember, it’s not that we will run out, but that it will be much harder to extract.

    I’m saying that they make it seem as if one morning we’re all going to wake up and there will be no oil left and people living in the suburbs will have to turn to canibalism to survive. ;) That would be a doomsday scenario, and it’s not going to happen. This isn’t going to be a stock market crash, or a 9/11 times 100… it’s going to be a gradual change and people WILL wake up sooner or later.

    They don’t do this sort of thing throughout the movie, but some parts feel that way, and that’s borderline propaganda. :roll:

    But like I said… I’m all about people being aware of these issues, so a little anti-oil propaganda isn’t going to hurt someone who live in standard society where oil is no problem at all.



    Don’t forget that The End of Suburbia Director Gregory Greene and Producer Barry Silverthorn from Toronto will be at the screening at the COLUMBUS INTERNATIONAL FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL.

    The Festival starts Wednesday night with a screening of a new film from the National Film Board of Canada and NHK Japan:

    Wednesday, November 9, 2005

    8:00 pm ** Best of the Festival Winner **

    War Hospital

    90 mn, Damien Lewis, David Christensen

    Shot in cinema verite, War Hospital intensely immerses the viewer in the sights and sounds of the world’s largest field hospital. Over the past eighteen years the International Committee of the Red Cross has cared for victims of the civil war in Sudan – the longest-running conflict in Africa – near the Sudanese border in Likichoggio, northern Kenya. The ICRC allowed filmmakers David Christensen and Damien Lewis unprecedented access to the surgical hospital and local medical staff as they go about their duties, caring for wounded Sudanese soldiers and women and children, all casualties of the civil war. With no narrator and minimal explanation, War Hospital simply and powerfully captures the joy and sadness of life and death. From the beginning glimpses of rebel fighters singing patriotic songs to the final, sombre graveyard scene, the documentary subtly brings home the horrors of war. Warning: This film contains graphic medical images.

    You can’t see this one anywhere else.


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