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Columbus Dispatch holding off on important story

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    I don’t know. He sounds super serial to me.



    lifeontwowheels said:

    No matter the question, xkcd is the answer.



    weirdest roid rage ever.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Amusing bumpersticker I spotted the other day that made me giggle:

    When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold Pictures, Images and Photos


    I was hoping for more intellectual responses, but I appreciate the nearly 1000 people who at least read it…maybe one or two people forwarded it to the newspaper.

    Bur sadly that is probably a waste of time.


    Al from Philadelphia said:
    I was hoping for more intellectual responses, but I appreciate the nearly 1000 people who at least read it…maybe one or two people forwarded it to the newspaper.

    Bur sadly that is probably a waste of time.




    I accidentally clicked on this thread 900 times.


    Don’t be player hating Cookie – I hear you are quite the quite the socialite in Columbus.

    You have passions, right Cookie? How would you like it if a bunch of foreigners – using a few scumbag Americans – invaded what you love to do with the intention of ripping off the American public and your home newspaper continues to tell your city that the most important news story is:


    Can you take a few minutes and at least read the posts and fight off the stigma that it is the Arnold and a strongman show?

    Shouldn’t it bother you that your home newspaper is sponsoring this kind of behavior? If only a handful of people in Columbus asked the editor that question it could make a difference – people in Philly lost their jobs because of these characters who are using this event as leverage to do commit these crimes.
    Ben Marrison is the editor – read the posts and ask him why a daily newspaper, a member of Associated Press is sponsoring any competition, let alone one with so many issues…issues dealing with fraud, securities fraud and integrity issues.

    His email address is [email protected]



    Dude. You’ve never posted here before (at least under this moniker), and come on with a fairly lengthy & outlandish tale that is so fraught with drama and crazy that I initially thought it was an 8th grade journal entry.

    If you want people to pay attention to something you’re trying to say, you’re doing it wrong.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Keep it civil and on topic.



    My name is Al and I appreciate your comment. I came on this message board – You had a first post right? – to bring to light an issue that I believe people in Columbus should know about…and I assure you it is all true.

    This situation was dumped in our laps in Philly in 2007 – I did not ask for it or choose to be involved in it.


    No response Cookie?



    I’m not really a socialite.


    This post apparently hit a nerve with top management at the Dispatch.

    Today I finally received a phone call from Columbus Dispatch Editor-in-Chief Ben Marrison.

    Mr. Marrison commands a terrific staff that includes a passionate sports department. But he and owner Mr. Wolfe I believe have made and continue to make mistakes and behave in a manner that disgraces the entire field of journalism.

    Instead of discussing his paper’s continued sponsorship of the Arnold Fit Expo despite his and the owner’s knowledge of public documents that revealed serious legal and possibly criminal problems with its strongman show’s staff of officials (most of from an organization called IFSA – see earlier posts), he chose to bark at me about what he believed was a slanderous remarks I made about the Dispatch’s coverage of the Ohio State football “tatoo scandal.”

    I started the first of two main posts with with those comments in an effort get his attention. Instead of a discussion he simply hung up on me unprovoked.

    I asked Mr. Morrison at least three times “What about the Arnold?” No answer. All he barked was I had no credibility.

    The remarks were talk radio-like/conspiracy theory comments meant to get his attention after ignoring me for months and now he is using that as weak excuse to avoid a very serious matter in favor of selling ads and preserving that photo op with the kids with Mr. Schwarzenegger each year.

    Speaking of Mr. Schwarzenegger – Julius Ceasar wasn’t stabbed in the back as many times as the Arnold strongman officials have stabbed their host. I believe Mr. Schwarzenegger is still liable for their actions but if I was him and I found out this mess was kept from me people I trusted and was kind to (including YOU Mr. Marrison), well…no Terminator joke here…they would all be gone…and no photo op for Mr. Wolfe or Mr. Marrison.

    I have asked the Dispatch to do the right thing for the Arnold by stopping its sponsorship and all I see is greed.

    In an email I sent to him and several of his staff members shortly after the hang-up, I said I would still like to know what the Columbus Dispatch is going to do about the public documents concerning the Arnold Fit Expo I have been sending you for months. I attached several of those documents again for his review including the IFSA strongman tax dept (to the State of Delaware) of almost $200,000.00 that this organization defaulted on as a result of a Ponzi – like scheme it tried to pull off on the public. I also attached one of the documents that links the Arnold Fit Expo to this organization.

    And although the scheme failed, IFSA defaulted on millions of dollars in competitor contract, purse money and over $100,000 in freight charges after it abandoned 25,000 pounds of its strongman equipment to my sponsor and friendf in Philadelphia.

    Several individuals from IFSA still work the Arnold strongman shows (pro and amateur). Several competitors who were victims of IFSA still get invited to the Arnold.

    So what you have is potential defendants in a federal lawsuit against IFSA (it was attempted) are selecting and judging potential plaintiffs. Unthinkable in American sports in 2011 but it has been going on since IFSA imploded in late 2007.

    I admitted to him- and am publicly tonight – that I started that post with a radio talk show type comment out of frustration that the Dispatch is sponsoring a professional sporting event and is in a conflict of interest that has affected many Americans negatively.

    I told him using the Ohio State blurb I started the first of those posts off with as an excuse to ignore the Arnord/IFSA situation just so you can sell an ad book for the Arnold Fit Expo is pure bull-bleep and that he knows it.

    Is the Dispatch an ad book or a newspaper? The Ohio State conspiracy theory I posted was maybe 5 percent – if that – of the two main posts I am proud to admit I penned.

    The rest of the email:

    You and your paper have blown me off for months – long before that post. So did I have credibility before the post that you ignored?

    I did what I did on the Columbus Underground message board to get your attention and would do it again 100 times to hold those people accountable for committing these offenses against my friend and sponsor. I would do it again 100 times for the people who lost their jobs in Philadelphia as a result of these crimes. Crimes that it appears that your paper is not only ignoring, but are sponsoring.

    I invite you to call Beau Biden – Attorney General of Delaware – and tell him like you barked at me that he has no credibility…tell him his tax revenue department is slanderous. Why not talk to his dad, Joe, the Vice President of the United States who was a Senator when this fraud and this scam was going on and blast him and then hang up on him.

    I say this to you Mr. Marrison….I do not care if you cover this….but I do if you continue sponsor the Arnold….And if you do, who are you to talk to anyone about credibility????

    You have my contact info Mr. Marrison – please sue my ass off for “slander” if you want. I would welcome it.
    Mr. Marrison, I plan to take this matter to the highest level I possibly can. I would still like to discuss this with you.

    Respect goes both ways. I gave you months of respect and you gave me zero.

    Very Truly Yours,

    Al Thompson.




Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)

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