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Columbus Dispatch holding off on important story

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    This is story I believe will give those who believe the media controls what you read plenty of ammunition.

    The Columbus Dispatch as many of you know is owned by the Wolfe Family, in particular John F Wolfe.

    They are also huge Ohio State sports boosters.

    I believe they planted the story of the Ohio State players and their coach Jim Tressle in an effort to punish them for what they believed was a slight against Ohio State.

    Those kids and their coach were dragged out in front of a national audience for selling trinkets that had to do with an arch rival (Michigan) and for Terrelle Pryor for driving a car with the owner’s permission.

    No arrests, no warrants, no lawsuits or civil action of any kind were issued by anyone, to anyone. Media outlets Sports Illustrated and the Columbus Dispatch ran the story up a flag pole based on sources, the Dispatch started its coverage based on the SI story. SI and the Dispatch literally sparked an NCAA investigation.

    But yet The Dispatch is sitting on a story about problems with certain individuals (mostly non-Americans) and a company that partnered with the Arnold Fit Expo and the Arnold’s role in a stock market investment scam – by those individuals and their company – that went bad defaulting on millions of dollars in competitor contracts and other bills including $194,024.78 in an abandoned tax debt to the state of Delaware.

    It is believed the State of Delaware may sue the Arnold in an effort to get its tax money back since it was defaulted over an act of fraud.

    Even though there are public records available to run the story, the Dispatch won’t go with it…why? The Dispatch was perfectly content to suck up all the exposure on ESPN for its “coverage” of the Ohio State “scandal,” it’s owner Mr. Wolfe a huge Ohio State booster no less…it was easy when the rest of the media jumped on it as well….they were front runners…but the Dispatch is obviously worried about being on an island with the Arnold situation because it is a SPONSOR of the Arnold and does not want to be the bad guy with a popular event that brings in tens of millions of dollars in revenue to the City of Columbus every year.

    This is a real story….shooting BB guns and selling trinkets are much safer and won’t piss off Mr. Wolfe.

    Why is the Dispatch a sponsor of an event that has competitions in it, several of which are regulated by the Ohio Athletic commission?

    Do you want to know about this story?

    The competition in question is not regulated by the State of Ohio.



    put some names on here,let’s see what you got.



    Off the subject just a little, the Dispatch bought a tract of land that Penn-National needed in order to meet code requirements for the casino on the west side. The Dispatch used that tract of land as leverage to get what they(Dispatch)wanted. The Dispatch also talked about how they were on-board with Kasich and the SB-5 bill. When Fire and Police said they were going to stop buying their paper, the Dispatch back tracked and changed their story. My Point, The Dispatch are a bunch of weasely punks.



    I don’t think the Tressle story needed planting.



    This is one of those “I’ve got the goods” posts.



    Unless the Dispatch “planted” the Tattoogate story to embarrass themselves by being completely and unequivocally scooped by Sports Illustrated and ESPN, I don’t think so.



    I heard the Wolfe’s adopted several dozens of Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate kids to keep a lid on that story.


    Mister Shifter

    I usually disregard any topic created by someone with 1 post.



    My favorite thing about conspiracy theories is that the lack of proof is simply further evidence of their veracity.


    This thread is not so much about the Ohio State story itself but how decisions are being made on what we all read.

    Last February a complaint was filed by me to the Ohio Attorney General’s officer about wrong doing (conflict of interest with officials) at the Arnold strongman shows – the information about the stock fraud had not been uncovered yet – a similar complaint was filed with Dispatch assistant sports editor Scott Davis and sports Ray Stein who seemed interested in the story..

    Interest in the story disappeared as it went up the ladder of authority I assume because neither would get on the phone with me as a follow up.

    In July 2011 I emailed Dispatch owner John Wolfe and marketing director editor Phil Pikelny asking the Dispatch to drop its sponsorship of the Arnold Fit Expo for ethics reasons. I said I had a legitimate complaint about the individuals and the company that had been involved with the show for years.

    I told them the officials for the Arnold Strongman Show were part of a company (International Federation of Strength Athletes aka IFSA) that had been partnered with the Arnold in the show from 2004-2007 but had defaulted on hundreds of thousands of dollars in competitor contracts and $63,000 in freight charges for their equipment (25,000 pounds used in other shows) that was abandoned to my friend and sponsor – a freight forwarder – in Philadelphia after what turned out ot be their last show that was held in Korea.

    We stored this strongman equipment in Philadelphia for 2 years before it was sold for pennies on the dollar.

    We attempted to put together a Federal lawsuit against IFSA in invited all competitors who were burned to join.

    Many of the competitors who were burned by IFSA still competed at the Arnold. Many of the IFSA officials incredibly were still allowed to be referees and remain part of the selection process for the Arnold Strongman show which offers the largest purse in the sport worldwide ($150,000).

    So you have a situation where there are potential defendants (IFSA) judging potential plaintiffs in a Federal lawsuit that had been planned in Philadelphia shortly after the IFSA collapse in 2007. Several (mostly) American competitors told me directly they were told by IFSA officials their careers were over of they had anything to do with Philadelphia and the lawsuit.

    I put on a pro strongman show every year in Philadelphia.

    Many strongman competitors wanted join us in the lawsuit but all eventually declined.

    I told Wolfe and Pikelny I felt it was in appropriate for the Dispatch to sponsor an event that had this kind of situation going on. This is the replay I got from Pikelny (I never heard from Wolfe at all) :

    Mr. Thompson:
    I appreciate your note and the time you obviously put into contacting me and our Publisher. I can empathize with how you feel regarding this subject.
    Let me verify for you that our news reporting is totally independent of any sponsorships we elect to undertake or not undertake. If you feel our sports editors have not been responsive, I invite you to contact our Editor Ben Marrison ([email protected]) since I’m sure he would want to know about such events.
    As regards our sponsorship of The Arnold Fitness Expo (my area of responsibility), I appreciate receiving your information. I can honestly say that your issues are a first in terms of what previously been brought to my attention. In my capacity at the paper and as a board member of Experience Columbus, I have heard a lot about the positive results that event brings to our city.
    Ethics are very important in our organization. We regularly review sponsorships we participate in, and your information will certainly be a part of that review. With all due respect to you, at this point in time, we don’t intend to cease our sponsorship. As the circumstances you relate evolve, we will certainly continue to review our involvement.
    I do appreciate your concern and your contacting me.
    Philip Pikelny
    VP, Dispatch Digital & Chief Marketing Officer
    The Dispatch Printing Co.
    34 S. Third St.
    Columbus, OH. 43215
    I did contact Mr. Marrison and he has yet to agree to a phone call.

    In September, while putting together information a Federal Lawsuit to be filed by the Philadelphia trucker alone, I discovered not only the attempt to sell IFSA stock by lying to the public about the worth of its company (there are scores of bogus articles on the business wire and their press releases bare the Arnold logo), I also found out that the IFSA corporation was opened in Delaware but claimed a home address in South Jordon Utah. The address I was told was phony as the building at the address was still under construction – classic Ponzi Corporation scheme tactic.

    At first they threw a lot of money around but the stock do not sell and they ran out of money in 2007 leaving millions in bills – people in Philly lost their jobs when the freight forwarder had to close his airport office.

    This in not a joke and I am on here for the first time because I am frustrated with the people we trust to be above financial and personal politics. I am putting a lot on line by making this public.

    These IFSA people – with documents I supplied the Ohio AG and the Dispatch that show they were formal partners with the Arnold Fit Expo – ran up a tax bill to the State of Delaware for $194,024.78.

    The corporation is now voided by the State of Delaware but still owes the money to Delaware- all public documents.

    Several of these characters STILL WORK WITH THE ARNOLD on the strongman shows (amateur and pro) under the name Strongman Champions League and are based in Europe.

    These people came to the United States in 2004 – have an agent here – and had one goal in mind….to rip off the American Public…

    All this information was forwarded to Marrison and so far nothing…no response at all.

    And all the Dispatch can do is file stories about football players selling trinkets and one of them driving a car with the owner’s permission?

    When I read that hundreds and hundreds of journalists have died getting the public the news, I am a loss of works with this situation and the lack of journalism integrity by the Columbus Dispatch.


    Please contact CORPORATION TRUST CENTER 1209 ORANGE STREET, WILMINGTON, NEW CASTLE, DE, 19801, (302) 658-7581 – file number 3783888 – to confirm it yourself.

    You will be told of the tax dept by IFSA Strongman Inc. now DBA Strongman Champions League. It still runs a qualifier for the Arnold Classic.

    Then simply google IFSA strongman / Arnold Strongman and you will see scores of articles about their relationship between 2004-2007.

    Here is one of their business wire stories filed by President Christian Fennell who was officer of the IFSA Strongman Inc. and major stock holder- The company was clearly broke when he filed that his IFSA strongman championship (Not the Arnold) reached 1.3 billion household worldwide. This is impossible because all their shows were pay-to-play and they were out of money at the time of this release.


    I have sent letters and emails to public officials including Vice President Joe Biden to condemn the sport of pro strongman as is currently being run and for its lack of testing for steroids.

    As I am sure you know Mr. Biden was a State Senator for the State of Delaware and the tax rip off occurred during his time in office.

    Former IFSA board members IIkka Kinnumen, Marcel Mosterts and Christian Fennell somehow conned IMG – the company that owns the “World’s Strongest Man” TV Show seen here in ESPN – into letting them run some of their qualifiers for this year’s show that was taped in North Carolina at Wingate University.

    IMG had asked for North Carolina taxpayer money for the WSM show but when North Carolina state officials learned of IMG’s partner’s background, they declined a $60,000.00 media buy for the show. It also backed out of the deal because for its lack of testing for steroids. The Arnold does not test for steroids for strongman although several other sports at the show do.

    North Carolina state representative Craig Horn has already condemned the “World’s Strongest Man” after he learned of its lack of testing for steroids, lack of third-party officiating and its association with Strongman Champions League.

    There is an ongoing review of IFSA and the Strongman Champions League by the securities fraud division of the Department of State in North Carolina.

    Most IFSA officials have not returned to the United States since 2007.


    Who cares what other people put into their body? A steroid fueled body building contest sounds more interesting than not.




    Mister Shifter

    Far out maaan.



    jimbach said:
    My favorite thing about conspiracy theories is that the lack of proof is simply further evidence of their veracity.

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