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    Hi Underground… first time caller, long-time listener. Anyway… if you’re aware of the idea of ‘coworking’ (or not, but would like to learn more) then read on.


    Do you work from home, or out of a cafe? Are you tired of trying to teleconference from Panera during the lunch rush? Stealing Wi-fi from the public library?

    ‘Coworking’ is a concept that’s catching on nationally, and the concept is pretty simple: like-minded, responsible professionals establish a shared work-space (for low per-tenant monthly fees) and enjoy some of the following benefits:

    * Easier separation of work/home life

    * Quieter (and in many ways cheaper) than working out of a cafe

    * Motivating energy from your peers, without the hassle of a boss!

    * Shared infrastructure (printing, faxing, shipping)

    Of course, that’s just the start.

    A handful of us are interested in starting a space in Columbus and we’d like to get a sense for how great the interest is. If you think you’d make use of such a space, then we want to hear from you! And meet you!

    Getting involved now will give you the ability to influence such decisions as:

      * Location ~ where in the city would be most convenient for you?

    * Amenities ~ Kitchen? Bike-rack? Parking? Projector?

    * Size, shape and decor — everything’s wide open at this point.
    So—whatever your level of interest (volunteer, space owner or merely a dedicated tenant)—now is a great time to begin the discussion. If interest is great, then things will move fast.



    In a way, it’s a pretty interesting extension of the whole co-op idea into the independent professional space. I personally am too attached to my single stairway commute to my office to ever give that up, but I can see how the wi-fi cafe/public space denziens could really find the concept appealing.

    Good luck with idea! :D



    Thanks! And… keep it in mind if your home-work arrangement ever starts to feel a bit stale. I’ve been working out of my home for about 3 years now, and I’ve definitely come to miss the energy of other minds to bounce ideas off of/idle chatter/lunches out.



    I’m intrigued… consider me curious enough to do what I can to try to make it to your meeting on 11/14.



    love the idea. i’ve got about a 1000 sq ft space need, and a friend with about the same. we’ve been looking for a place. it might fit into your idea to have a couple ‘anchors’

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I’ve been reading about these types of spaces in other city and I’d have to say I’m interested on a personal level. I’ve not done a lot of research to know if anything like this in Columbus currently exists, but it could be pretty beneficial to a lot of freelance-type workers.

    I would say a downtown location would be most important to me. Amenities I’d like would be a shared meeting space, a faxing/printing/copying center, kitchen, and some sort of creative-lounge space.

    As for size/shape/decor, I think something with wide open spaces would work well for some folks, and other sectioned-off spaces for other folks, so it could be useful no matter what type of working environment you prefer. And keep the shared spaces centrally located for easy access for everyone.

    I’ll try to make this meeting too.



    I have been working out of my home for about 5 years now and I really miss the social connection of working with other people in an office environment. I often spend 1 or 2 days a week working from Zen Cha in the Short North just to have some social interaction during the work day (they have been great about putting up with me there).

    I echo Walker’s comments about preferring a downtown location.

    I will try to make the meeting on the 14th as well.


    Although for me it would sacrifice some of why I love working at home, I think this is a FANTASTIC program (and yeah, I hated the car sharing thing but love this).



    Bryce wrote Thanks! And… keep it in mind if your home-work arrangement ever starts to feel a bit stale. I’ve been working out of my home for about 3 years now, and I’ve definitely come to miss the energy of other minds to bounce ideas off of/idle chatter/lunches out.

    I’ve been free from the cubicle shackles for just over 2 years now. I have all the benefits of being a corporate employee, I just live 950 miles from the office. Everytime I’m sucked back to the home office for a visit, I remember in about a hour, why I left…

    I do miss the vendor-supplied hospitality trays in the break room though, though I’m sure my cholesterol doesn’t. :roll:

    It’s always a blast to be just like Charles Townsend, the voice on the telephone. 8)



    Really heartened by all the responses here so far! Thanks all. Here’s a flier we’ll be tacking up at various coffee shops and Paneras around town.


    Ryan Morgan

    have my own office in our agency office in north columbus, but it’s waaaaay to far removed from the action. plus there’s not many ideas being exchanged there — not any good ones, at least. ‘d love to be able to bounce an idea of some like-minded folk more creative than me.

    plus, it’d be perfect for establishing a mid/downtown presence, w/o the complexity & cost & long-term commitment of satellite.

    sign me up!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I’m not going to be able to make this meeting (I’ve got a conflicting event the same night at the same time) but I’m very very interested to hear how it goes. Will there be more if there’s enough interest in the idea?



    Walker wrote Will there be more if there’s enough interest in the idea?

    Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to come! But, yes, rest assured: there will be more. Especially if there’s good turnout (and, quite honestly, probably even if there’s not.) James and I just wanted to have a quick forum to start finding interested parties before the Holidays wreak havoc with everyone’s schedules.

    I anticipate that we’ll be having another meetup in early-to-mid January. I’ll also try to post meeting notes after the 14th, too.



    Bump! Meeting is this coming Wednesday, and we anticipate a decent turnout ~ hopefully 10 or more people. (Which is very encouraging.)

    Thanks again for your interest and here’s hoping we get to meet you on Wednesday.




    Meeting is tonight—hope we’ll see you there!

    best regards,


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