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Columbus concert-goers getting fleeced.

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    All the biggest shows that come to Columbus seem to go to Nationwide Arena ever since Value City and Nationwide Arenas have been managed together. This kind of anti-competition is bad for consumers and is a backdoor subsidy to the owners of Nationwide Arena from the state of Ohio via OSU.

    This on top of the $239 MILLION of taxpayer dollars going to one of the largest insurance companies in the world and four of the richest families in central Ohio to bail out their failed business plan (Nationwide Arena).



    I believe there was a lot of talk about the city not needing two such venues when the Arena was being developed. The reality is we now have two large arenas. There is a lot of redundancy so it makes sense that it is managed as efficiently as possible. It isn’t like we can just pretend one doesn’t exist.

    Personally, I am glad the that the events are being scheduled downtown and not up at the Schott.



    Only a fool thought it was a good idea for there to be two arenas only 5 miles apart in a city the size of C-bus.

    The two arenas should be competing for performers/events. The management pact is really collusion. Consumers and artists are being ripped off.



    They are 4 miles apart. ;)



    It seems like the concerts are generally pretty evenly divided to me. The Schott would also theoretically have more potential scheduling conflicts with mens and womens basketball,hockey,ohsaa mens and womens basketball and wrestling tourneys,commencements and other osu events. Nationwide has the jackets and the ohsaa hockey tourney. Also I would much rather see a concert at nationwide as there is more to do before and after and the facilities are nicer. I would have to think that if band had their choice between the two arenas for similar paydays they would choose nationwide as well.

    Do you feel ticket prices are now higher since the merger? I go to dozens of concerts a year and have not seen anything that would lead me to that conclusion. Granted I go to most of the shows at the LC or Newport but my muse tickets at the schott a couple of months ago seemed right in line.

    Was the schott gaining most of the concerts prior to the merger? It would be interesting to see what the stats are on the distribution of events(concerts,ice skating,circus,etc.) prior to the merger. I have a suspicion that it probably was mutually beneficial for two 18,000 + arenas in a metro of 1,800,000 to not be fighting over every concert that came here. Do you really think any potential cost savings that a band or promoter would have theoretically received would have been passed down to the consumer? I doubt it.


    Please allow this photo to accurately portray my outrage.



    @Buckeye54….I believe in the market forces taught in Econ 101 such as supply and demand. You don’t seem to. I have a garage full of awesome consumer goods. Do you have a spare thousand dollars and want to buy a few things from me?

    fyi, I haven’t scientifically studied the arena concert scene pre-collusion pact and post-collusion pact in C-bus.



    Nationwide has had or will soon have Aerosmith, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Bieber, Selena Gomez, Timberlake.

    Value City Arena gets Monster Truck and Harlem Globtrotters and High School Graduation ceremonies lately.



    I just looked at the Schottenstein Center’s calendar for the summer at http://www.schottensteincenter.com/ and I actually really am surprised at how few events are on the Schott calendar for the summer. Maybe there are other events that aren’t listed there (and also not on Ticketmaster, which I also just checked), but that would be a serious marketing oversight.

    That said, Nationwide Arena’s calendar has more events, but not *that* many more. In addition, I find it somewhat unconvincing that Ohio State itself would be party to a collusive effort to send less money to campus directly (remember, the combined manager that pilsner references above is Ohio State itself). If anything, the concern would be that OSU would want to drive more attendance and revenue to campus and give the Arena District short shrift, which also doesn’t seem to be happening.

    Also, of course, both arenas (regardless of whether they’re managed jointly) are competing with the artists themselves in their negotiations. If more artists are going to Nationwide Arena, it probably means that Nationwide Arena was willing to cut them better deals. Considering the well-known financial troubles of Nationwide Arena over the past year or more, that strikes me as quite likely.



    Arena concerts suck



    pilsner said:

    ….I believe in the market forces taught in Econ 101 such as supply and demand. You don’t seem to. I have a garage full of awesome consumer goods. Do you have a spare thousand dollars and want to buy a few things from me?

    fyi, I haven’t scientifically studied the arena concert scene pre-collusion pact and post-collusion pact in C-bus.

    First of all nationwide and value city are far from the only places I can see a concert of popular, nationally known acts in columbus. So the whole supply and demand thing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Where you outraged when polaris(germain) amphitheater was the only place in columbus to see the summer outdoor concert series? How about prior to nationwide being built when the schott was the only place in town where you could see a large arena show? (When most of the bands would only play arenas and not venues like the LC) How is that any different then the monopoly that you are insinuating is occurring currently?

    Again, I was just asking simple questions based on fact not emotion. I would be interested in your allegations if there actually is fact backing your statement. Since we are talking about introductory courses, let me remind you of college writing 101. When writing a persuasive speech,use facts,figures, and research to reinforce your position and leave arbitrary emotional statements and falsehoods out of the equation less you come across as biased or uninformed.

    So far you have not proven any real definition of collusion anymore than I proved a monopoly prior to nationwide being built. You have not proven increased ticket prices,more concerts in one venue compared to the other, any response to the possibility that ohio state has many more scheduled events throughout the year at the schott then nationwide has with the jackets,or that any cost savings would be passed to the consumer or ever was. So again how exactly are columbus concert goers getting fleeced??

    A quick glance on ticketmaster for the schott showed
    7 separate ringling brother/ barnum and bailey shows
    Bruno Mars/Ellie Goulding
    NKOTB,98 degrees, Boyz 2 Men
    Big Time Rush
    American Idol



    Until further notice, according to Buckeye54, only peer-reviewed double-blind scientific studies are acceptable at C.U.

    Please no opinions or armchair research. I’ll check back in here in about 18 months with further info after I conduct an official study on the arena concert market here.



    Wow, people hate it when their threads of argument are turned back upon themselves.

    Shott has to deal with all those pesky college sporting events too. That certainly cuts into the concert presentations.

    Thank goodness the landsharks don’t tie up Nationwide anymore.



    And let’s not forget the concerts at the Ohio State Fair.
    the crew stadium shows.
    all the hippy fests (tiediegurltwirlers)
    all the other festivals in the state or within 2hours.

    I think there is plenty of stuff going on.
    arena shows do suk though.



    I will probably skip it but Monster Jam 2014 is scheduled for Jan 3&4 at Nationwide.

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