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    Any new info on this? When will deconstruction of city center start? Isn’t there supposed to be a park there by this summer?!



    Demolition is supposed to *start* in April — I don’t think there’s any way they can move quickly enough to have the parkm in place by this summer.



    alison wrote >>
    Demolition is supposed to *start* in April — I don’t think there’s any way they can move quickly enough to have the parkm in place by this summer.

    That would be impossible to do by summer, unless they were to implode it and haul 24 hours a day. But that wouldn’t preserve the underground garage, so don’t get excited.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    From here: http://www.columbusunderground.com/the-city-center-scheduled-for-demolition

    “development of the park, which city officials expect to start this summer and complete within 18 months. The remainder of the project will take shape over the next five to 10 years, as the market dictates.”

    So barring delays we’re looking at the park opening roughly Winter 2010.

    Lots of additional info here: http://www.columbusunderground.com/guy-worley-answers-your-city-center-questions



    Not the best timing. I don’t think a park + winter = lots of people there. A Christmas event could prove to be an exception.



    skating rink FTW.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Columbusite wrote >>
    Not the best timing.

    Are you proposing that they fence it off and push the opening back another 6 months?



    Core_Models wrote >>
    skating rink FTW.

    they stick an outdoor skating rink in the middle of downtown pittsburgh and the middle of the winter and its a huge hit.



    Heres an update from the Dispatch tonight with some new info:

    Demolition of the mall is expected to begin in September, with the underground City Center parking garage and nearby streets remaining open. Plans call for the park to open in December 2010.

    The design, he said, now calls for three buildings with six or seven stories of apartments over retail space fronting High Street. Capitol South is in discussions with several interested developers, Worley said, although those buildings won’t open for several years.

    Town Street will be reopened, but only as a pedestrian path.

    The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, which operates the Ohio and Palace theaters Downtown, will schedule events in the park, with concerts and possibly outdoor movies beginning in spring 2011


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I emailed the CDDC earlier this evening to get a copy of the new design plans. I’ll post them up as soon as we get the go ahead. ;)


    Alex Silbajoris

    I hope they respond to you, I got no response when I mailed them from FOSR.



    Read today’s article and I am liking what I am seeing:

    Apartments, not condos. Hopefully at a price point that helps to bring a wider range of individuals into the area.

    Town St. will be pedestrian only through the park. It would be nice to see the Pearl Alley Market expand into the new space next year as an extension of their current space.

    Now that the park is 6 acres, I’m wondering if this could be a potential site for future Octoberfests? May not be ideal when the apartments get built up but in the short term it could help provide a draw to the space.




    I like the plan to completely remove the old building. IMO a transformation like this needs to be total.

    I am disgusted with the Dispshit comments section, as usual.



    Ok I wanted to first introduce myself. I was a member of the forum when it was a more a forum for nightlife and Columbus area events back in 2004.

    Over the years I always check in but had to resign up due to a change in email address.

    Anyway, this post made me have such an influx of words that I had to resign up and express my thoughts.

    When the project was announced I was a huge fan of the concept. I am finishing my education in Political Science and Economics. From an economics stand point it made perfect sense to me. Demolish the building, clear the land, and turn it over in parcels (already diminishing the cost of clearing the land) to developers.

    It made sense, and to the people who were going “why do we want a huge park taking up such prime real estate?” I would respond back, that this project combines elements such as parks that attracts development, but only the central part of the development will be a park in the long run. The rest of the land will be used for office/retail/or residential as the market sees fit during its development.

    Now the project is going to have retail along high st. only This is my worst nightmare. This is prime real estate in the middle of the city and downtown. A park is perfect but only as a center piece not taking up 80 percent of the land.

    IF you read the fine print of the article is says buildings can only be along High St. because the underground parking garage will not allow for above ground construction so the majority of the project has just been changed from a 70 percent mixed used 30 percent park to majority park land.

    This really brings my excitement level to almost zero. We need more updated modern retail/office/residential space along the central/southern portion of downtown. This project would bolster downtown in the LR but because of an underground parking garage structural issue it will not, it may add a few jobs or residents but it will not have the large scale economic impact as planned.

    We were getting a project as large (or potentially larger) as the arena district in its job market impact and now we’re getting a few arena district like buildings and one very large park. The alternative would be to rebuild the underground garage or try to stabilize it in the future for above ground building. In the mean time, I am very excited about the park and new buildings on High St. I just hope they still keep their options open for diminishing the park’s size in the future to allow for more downtown economic expansion on some of property with the most potential for dense development in the entire metro.


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