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Columbus City-Wide Curbside Recycling - News & Updates

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    Aren’t they just implementing the recycling in phases? My quadplex apartment got blue cans, but the bigger place down the street is waiting. I didn’t expect it to be instant or without some hiccups.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    susank said:
    Aren’t they just implementing the recycling in phases? My quadplex apartment got blue cans, but the bigger place down the street is waiting. I didn’t expect it to be instant or without some hiccups.

    All 5 residential phases are completely rolled out. Buildings with more than 4 units are not a part of current service:

    Final Phase of Columbus Recycling Program Rolling Out



    im not sure how you measure success.. I agree with a post that says there are some amount of tons of waste going to recycle centers instead of the landfill.. I know in my case I was a near-Zero recycler until curbside came along.. for one, I and many of my neighbors drove / drive SUVs where on a hot summer day you would be hauling smelly “trash” inside the vehicle with you to a recycle center.. I just plain didnt do it.. even after i bought my little car with a trunk, I still didnt.. now im filling a blue bin every 2 weeks with marked recyclables.. and there are weeks my green trash bin stays in the garage because theres next to nothing in it..

    I see a lot of bulging recycle bins in my subdivision on recycle day now.. cant say how well its pre-sorted but at least some are making the effort whereas many in my area made ZERO effort.. im not even sure where the drive-up bins were in my area..

    I do however agree that apartments and condos should be part of the program.. if for no other reason, people living in downtown districts tend to be more aware and willing to participate than the average suburbia family.. not to mention the pure density allows for the same truck to make 1 stop and pick up more pounds of material than rolling through suburbia..


    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    RecyColumbus wants to hear from even more Columbus residents, so the survey deadline has been extended to Saturday, August 31.

    The survey only takes five minutes to complete and will help improve residential recycling for the whole community. To take the survey, visit surveymonkey.com/s/RecyColumbus.



    Via Email:
    Survey Shows Columbus Residents Embrace Recycling
    Still Confusion on Collection Days

    RecyColumbus recently asked area residents to complete a survey that gauged their participation in the new residential recycling program.

    The response was overwhelming with over 1,200 residents completing the online survey.

    95 percent of survey respondents said they use the blue recycling cart and 90 percent said they regularly set the cart out for collection. On average, community members seemed confident about what goes into the blue recycling cart and where to put the cart for collection.

    However, there still seems to be confusion as to when recyclables are collected, with 56 percent of residents saying they need a collection reminder every two weeks.

    “Some people still are confused about the collection schedule, I still see carts out on the regular green barrel trash days and yard waste days,” said one survey respondent. “Maybe some still need a reminder about when their recyclables are collected.”

    However, despite the collection confusion, residents say they are excited about the service. The top reasons residents say they recycle is because it saves resources and energy, reuses materials and is easy and convenient.



    Columbus Expands Curbside Recycling to Condos and Apartments in 2014
    Published on December 9, 2013 2:00 pm
    By: Walker

    The City of Columbus announced today that the RecyColumbus program will be rolled out to eligible condo and apartment communities starting in February. Previously, the curbside recycling program was only made available to single family homes and buildings with four or fewer residential units, leaving larger apartment and condominium buildings excluded from participation.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/columbus-expands-curbside-recycling-to-condos-and-apartments-in-2014



    Columbus Residents Breaking Recycling Records
    August 27, 2014 10:03 am – Walker Evans

    As curbside recycling efforts in Columbus have continued to expand in 2014 to include eligible condo and apartment buildings, it’s only natural that record amounts of trash are being diverted from the landfill for recycling.

    In fact, exactly 8,981 tons (17,963,136 pounds) of recyclable material was collected during the three month span of May-July 2014, which was the highest three-month amount since the program launched in the summer of 2012.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/columbus-residents-breaking-recycling-records



    Columbus Achieves 78% Residential Recycling Participation Rate
    September 2, 2015 1:46 pm – Walker Evans

    A new survey from Rumpke this summer revealed that the City of Columbus has been able to achieve a 78% participation rate with its residential curbside recycling program that first rolled out in 2012.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/recycling-in-columbus


    Nancy H

    78% is great. I think using Rumpke was attempt number 3, or maybe 4 of the City trying to get recycling going in Columbus over the last 15 or so years. I wonder how many people are putting the right things in the bin. Early on, they would flag containers if you put too much inappropriate stuff in the bin, but I have not heard of that happening in a long time.


    Another windy day and the recycling carts are blowing over all up and down our street. I heard Columbus was phasing out these smaller carts in favor of larger ones. Has anyone heard what that schedule is and whether we can order a larger cart yet? What is the fee?


Viewing 11 posts - 121 through 131 (of 131 total)

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