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    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    You can enter the Phase 4 contest to win a recycling container full of prizes by Oct 4:
    Residents who live in Clintonville, Short North, University area and along
    North High Street can enter to win a blue recycling cart filled with $500 worth of prizes,
    hand-delivered by Mayor Michael B. Coleman. Visit
    http://www.RecycleColumbus.org to participate in the contest.

    Entries are due by midnight on Thursday, October 4. The first cart will be delivered at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, October 10.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    I noticed this little bit in the German Village newsletter. Has anyone done this? I know when I requested a new trash bin, the city worker that brought it out gave me a really hard time about it.

    If you would like to make room in your yard or garage for the recycling bin, but can’t make both it and your 64-gallon trash can fit, you can ask the city for a smaller TRASH bin. Just call 311 or visit 311.columbus.gov to request the smaller trash container.



    As expected, recycling wasn’t a big hit on campus
    Posted on November 8, 2012
    by Melissa Dilley

    On any given Sunday morning, front yards along prominent campus-area thoroughfares such as Lane Avenue, Summit Street and South High Street are a recyclers dream. From the mailboxes to the front porches of the old homes are trails of beer cans, liquor bottles, red Solo cups and pizza boxes.

    READ MORE: http://www.theotherpaper.com/news/article_e8c23b6a-29d8-11e2-a6a1-0019bb2963f4.html



    RecyColumbus ramps up Ohio State campus-area recycling efforts
    By Lindsey Poole
    Tuesday, November 13, 2012 23:11

    There has been an abundance of blue bins popping up in the off-campus area in the past few weeks as the city of Columbus started its fourth phase of a new recycling program to help reduce waste at landfills. Phase four of the new recycling Columbus program, RecyColumbus, covers the university area and Clintonville. The program will begin collecting recyclable materials in an effort to lower the total amount of trash taken to landfills every month.

    READ MORE: http://www.thelantern.com/campus/recycolumbus-ramps-up-ohio-state-campus-area-recycling-efforts-1.2952530#.UKVd-0I9ksk


    Analogue Kid

    I have to say I am very impressed with the participation in my neighborhood. Today is the first pickup in the 4th phase area and I’d say ~60-70% of houses had their blue bin out front this morning. I thought it would be about 1/3 but I’m pleasantly surprised.



    Analogue Kid said:
    I have to say I am very impressed with the participation in my neighborhood. Today is the first pickup in the 4th phase area and I’d say ~60-70% of houses had their blue bin out front this morning. I thought it would be about 1/3 but I’m pleasantly surprised.

    I noticed the same thing this morning as well. We’re over on the bike path and many on our street had the bins out and wating to be picked up.



    Mine was picked up before 9AM. We’ll probably fill the bin before the next pickup 2 weeks from today….



    Pablo said:
    Mine was picked up before 9AM. We’ll probably fill the bin before the next pickup 2 weeks from today….

    If you’ve got the space you can purchase another bin from the city for $40..or just go over to campus and take one of the ones that is not being used.


    Alex Silbajoris

    They got mine about 11:30, but I suppose since this is the first time, their arrival time might settle to something different.



    Final Phase of Columbus Recycling Program Rolling Out
    Published on December 6, 2012 10:40 am
    By: Walker

    Columbus City Councilmember Eileen Paley kicked off the fifth and final implementation phase of RecyColumbus this morning, signaling the completed rollout of the city-wide residential recycling program.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/final-phase-of-columbus-recycling-program-rolling-out



    hey, did rumpke pick up the red bins last week? mine disappeared and i’m pissed about it. that thing would have made a nice intermediate stop between kitchen and blue bin…

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Finally got our blue bin today! I think we were the last house in Columbus to get it. :P



    Press Release:
    Residential Recycling Collection Starts in North and Northeast Columbus on Friday, February 1

    Mayor Michael B. Coleman today reminds residents who live in north or northeast Columbus that their first residential recycling collection is on Friday, February 1. The start of recycling collections in north and northeast neighborhoods marks the fifth and final phase of implementation of the City’s residential recycling program RecyColumbus.

    “Columbus residents have enthusiastically welcomed recycling in all neighborhoods where the program has been implemented so far,” said Mayor Coleman. “Since the program was started in June, more than 10,000 tons of recyclables have been collected, saving more than $555,000 in tipping fees at the County landfill.”

    Recycling collections will begin in the following neighborhoods on Friday:

    · Far Northeast side east of I-270
    · Krumm Park (East Columbus Gateway)
    · Milo-Grogan neighborhood east of I-71
    · Near East side north of East Broad Street between I-71 and the Columbus-Bexley border
    · North Linden and South Linden
    · Northeast side
    · Northland area south of S.R. 161 and east of I-71

    “City Council continues to be amazed and pleased by the level of support the recycling program is seeing in our neighborhoods,” said Councilmember Eileen Y. Paley. “Families understand recycling is the right thing to do and Columbus is a better community because of the program.”

    Recycling is collected at no additional cost to residents on a bi-weekly schedule, alternating with yard waste collection. With the start of recycling collections in north and northeast Columbus, RecyColumbus will serve approximately 191,000 households. Columbus residents living in single-family homes or in a building with four units or less that is not part of a complex are eligible for this new convenient and easy-to-use city service.

    Residents can learn what to do when the recycling cart is delivered to their home by watching an educational video online at http://www.recyclecolumbus.org, where residents can also find out what their collection day is and more about recycling. The video is part of public outreach and education program that includes community presentations, neighborhood posters and displays, media coverage, phone call reminders to recycle and television public service announcements.

    Residents can also connect online at: Facebook.com/ ColumbusPublicService and twitter.com/ColumbusDPS or search for #RecycleColumbus. RecyColumbus is a program of the City of Columbus Department of Public Service.



    I read on here a week or so ago that someone recommended placing overflow recycling into white kitchen trash bags and place it out by the curb with your blue bin since I have a TON more recycling than will fit in that small blue can. They said that they have been doing that for the last 6 months or so (can’t find the post ATM) and they said the recycling company picked them all up. Just had our first pickup (Linden Area)and none of the bags were picked up, but they did seem to dump the blue bin. Not much is going to get recycled if not enough of it fits in the Blue bins. Anyone else have different experiences, or a better plan for dealing with all the recycling over and above that which fits in the Blue container? I was excited that my garbage was only getting dumped every other day now with the amount of recycling I’ve started, but since they didn’t take it, I am rather disappointed.



    Everything I have seen says that plastic bags are death to the recycling efforts. Jams up the machines or something.

    I am still having to deal with the idiots around me filling up my bin with their trash if I don’t get it quickly enough after emptying.

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