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    Yost is absolutely correct. Where is the public outrage? Are we so accustomed to ethics violations by our “leaders” in Columbus that we’ve forgotten that we deserve better?


    Not Surprised

    The sad fact of the matter is a large percentage, not all, of parents of students who attend Columbus City Schools simply do not care about their child’s education. After nearly a decade of employment by the district I am growing increasingly concerned for the future of not only our city but our nation because it’s become an epidemic. When you have a school with 900+ students and roughly 75 parents attend parent-teacher conferences something is wrong. Regardless of a person’s economic or work situation there is no excused for less than 10% of the parents of a students at the school to show up for parent-teacher conference especially when you consider around 75% of the students in the school are struggling academically. There really are no excuses for this type of behavior although many will try and come up with some reason why parents show little if any interest in their child’s education because we have become an excuse based society where someone else is at fault for the struggles one experiences.

Viewing 2 posts - 616 through 617 (of 617 total)

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