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Columbus City Council Meeting - February 2, 2015

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    February 2, 2015

    GREATER SOUTH EAST AREA COMMISSION: Area commissions act as a liaison between neighborhood groups, property owners, residents, developers and city officials. Ordinance 0114-2015, sponsored by Development Committee chair Michelle M. Mills, creates the Greater South East Area Commission that contains approximately 14.7 square miles with more than 16,500 housing units. If approved, the Greater South East Area Commission will be the 18th Commission Area and will receive Commission operating funds as approved by Council.

    HIV CARE: Health & Human Services Committee chair Priscilla R. Tyson is sponsoring ordinance 0179-2015 to allow Columbus Public Health to accept and appropriate an additional $364,116.00 in grant monies to fund the Ryan White HIV Care Part A grant program. The grant’s purpose is to improve access to medical care for persons living with HIV or AIDS in Central Ohio. The goal is that each client will achieve viral suppression, which improves their quality of life and reduces the risk of spreading the infection.

    PARK IMPROVEMENTS: Councilmember Jaiza N. Page, chair of the Recreation and Parks Committee, is sponsoring two ordinances this evening to improve local parks. Ordinance 0075-2015 authorizes the Director of the Recreation and Parks Department to enter into contract with Builderscape, Inc. for improvements to the existing Strawberry Farms Park. This project will include the installation of a new playground, half-court basketball, and trees. The costs for this project will be $114,600.00 with a contingency of $10,400.00 for a total of $125,000.00. Ordinance 0247-2015 will allow the city to accept two grants and enter into two agreements with the Columbus Foundation to construct playground improvements at Franklin Park. The total grant amount from the Columbus Foundation is $55,000.00, which will consist of one grant in the amount of $40,000 and a second in the amount of $15,000.00. This grant will help fund the removal and replacement of the existing playground in Franklin Park with a new, universally accessible playground that provides appropriate play opportunities for children with varying levels of physical, social, sensory, and cognitive abilities. Total project cost is $192,500.00 which includes the $137,500.00 local match.

    HOOVER DAM: Public Utilities Committee chair Zach M. Klein is sponsoring ordinance 2921- 2014 to allow the city to enter into a construction contract with Strawser Paving Company, in the amount of $1,714,662.42, for the Watershed Roadway Improvements – Part 2: Hoover Reservoir Project. This project will replace existing roadway pavement at Hoover Reservoir along the dam crest roadway, adjacent parking lots.

    MONITORING PROGRAM: Judiciary and Court Administration Committee chair Eileen Y. Paley is sponsoring ordinance 0200-2015 to appropriate $440,000 to the Franklin County Municipal from the Electronic Alcohol Monitoring fund for 2015 to provide sufficient funds to pay the cost of attendance at court-ordered treatment centers.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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