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Columbus Arts Festival

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    Here are 2 videos from the Columbus Arts Festival where you can experience the Festival. There are 280 Vendors there and this is just a sampling. The first one is a short one and the second is a longer one with 2 bands – More on my YouTube page. This runs thru Sunday!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Nice! Thanks for sharing! ;)



    Man, they have got to work out the advertised closing time (10:30) with the times they are telling vendors they can close up (9:30)…

    We went late, arriving at 9:30 thinking we still had an hour to make a round, and within 10 min 80% of the shops were closed up. I’m on crutches at the moment, mind you, so was pretty bummed to be dragging my ass all over a ghost festival.

    One woman closed her booth down with us in it, literally closing off both entrances while we were honestly considering purchasing a piece from a middle interior section of the booth. We had no idea that she had corralled us in, and turned to find someone to help us with our choice and heard her loudly proclaim “I’m closing” and look at us like we had walked in on her on the toilet.
    She seemed to care less that we were there to buy and was more focused on shutting down than realizing that she could have had a nice sale.

    The whole experience was very weird, since there were still plenty of people wandering around wanting to see art. There was even a band playing the entire time we were there.

    Still managed to find a jeweler we liked and picked up some awesome Tibetan turquoise and sterling earrings for a friend. Jeweler told us that they only have to stay open until 9:30 per their contracts, but he was still going because he had such a good day. But I did overheard other vendors complaining to each other as they shut down that they hadn’t sold anything, too.

    Bizarre experience…



    That’s terrible Coy. Hopefully they don’t close early tomorrow. This will be my only there this year. I couldn’t get a list of vendors of their website this year. Is Doug Spalding the ceramic artist here this year?


    Downtown was buzzing tonight. Took the CBus around. Park St fest, Commons had music, Arts fest, Gallery Hop and a Clippers game. It was a sea of people everywhere with a lot of energy. Fun night.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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