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Clever Crow Pizza

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    lol – I’ll stop being lazy and upload my pics! Also, Deraj, you will be interested to know they have lots of vegetarian options.



    I saw. I’m definitely going there in the next week…this is final.



    here’s a picture of the pizza with the house-smoked ham and apple pizza. I didn’t taste this one, but I think it’s a good picture to show the crust, which is on the thick side, but since it has a good bit of cornmeal added, isn’t super chewy but instead has a nice hearty and savory flavor all on its own.



    Had the grape and brie and the Crow Style last night and was amazed. Adriatico’s (which up until this point has been my favorite pizza in town) and Hound Dogs aren’t even in the same league as this pizza. Foodie people, do yourselves a favor and try a couple slices.


    Jim Lauwers

    If you enjoy pizza, or if you enjoy eating, or if you want to get an early look at what could be the next “big name” in Columbus cuisine, you owe it to yourself to try Clever Crow.

    The specials change regularly, which means that unless you hurry you won’t be able to sample the grape and brie (unless it comes back), which would be an absolute shame. The grapes are marinated and so aren’t overly sweet, but are perfectly moist and crisp. The brie doesn’t overwhelm the pie or the grapes, but adds a delicate flavor and texture to the entire top of the pizza which excellently counters the slight crunch of the crust. There is a blend of herbs on top that bring the whole thing together, which I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t identify.

    The Crow Style pizza (with sausage) is a regular and just as good–although I admit to wishing there were grapes on mine. What appears to be some kind of sausage-based corn salsa layered thickly on top of the pizza is actually an delightfully well-thought-out combination of ingredients. I was concerned about whether the sweet corn would dominate the toppings and make everything too sticky-sweet, and I was proven wrong with the first bite.

    I had a chance to talk with the chef and sole employee last night, and that was great too. Culinary background, vivacious, willing to take risks for the sake of making great food. I mean, the man makes his own sausage, just to put on a pizza.

    Every pie is cooked made-to-order, which means that when you buy it by the slice, he forms a slice of pizza in a little pizza-slice pan and then cooks it. It’s incredibly inefficient, and delicious, and astounding.

    When I’m literally embarrassed by a chef’s devotion to the quality of my meal, words of praise start to become inadequate.

    So hopefully someone will do a spotlight piece on him, because I think the story behind Clever Crow is interesting and getting more interesting all the time.

    But I cannot say this enough: Everything about this pizza is incredible. If they delivered, I’d never order from anywhere else. As it is, I’ll probably be walking the eight blocks to Circus on a regular basis just to pick one up.

    Not sure if I can say enough about this place, and I’d like to go back and get a couple of full pies with different toppings, see how that works out. But I wanted to type this down fast before I forgot. Oh–and the bar-based service at Circus is better than some pizza-only places I could name.


    Jim Lauwers

    FYI that’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever written. But the food is great, I’m not going to be satisfied until I try every one of their pizzas and drag everyone I know there. Seriously, bowled over.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    Brie and grapes?
    I need this.
    I gotta make a trip here this weekend.
    Thanks for the review Mr. L2


    I miiiiight could be going there tonight. If anyone else wants to go, that would mean more pizza all around. Just sayin’.

    More pizza.



    First experience wasn’t so awesome… Sorry!

    We tried the Four Cheese and the Crow Special w/ sausage. I think my problem was rooted in the crust. It’s so heavy that it overwhelms all the other components. I really couldn’t taste much else.

    I’d like to try the Grape and Brie variety. It sounds really good. All the topping options sound really good. I don’t understand why it all has to be buried with a ton of cornmeal.


    Jim Lauwers

    Oh Roland. Who are you even apologizing to?? “I didn’t like the crust” is as legitimate a complaint as any I can think of. I mean it’s at least one half of the pizza by weight, and C. Crow’s is pretty unique. It definitely stands off against (for example) Bono’s more traditional (and also delicious) thin flour-dusted crust.

    But now that I think about it, I loved C. Crow’s crust. And you didn’t. So maybe you and I should duke it out fist-wise to decide who’s right.



    Haha! I just felt like I was crashing a party here. Everyone else has been loving it.


    I agree with Roland. Went there tonite for some post-Thanksgiving treats. I liked the pizza maker – nice, super-cute and clearly into and skilled at what he was doing. The owner of Circus was also really nice and was serving us up some drinks while we were there. The bar service was fantastic and the non-happy hour liquor was amazingly priced. The pizza was not my favorite….not even close. That said, I have to admit I’m not a deep dish fan. But, as far as deep dish pizzas go, this was definitely the best I’ve ever had. I can see how others might really enjoy the pizza. And, considering how awesome the Clever Crow chef and Circus owners both were, I hope they have great success.



    Truly unique- I nominate this as Columbus style pizza. Like nothing I’ve ever had before. I can see how not everyone will love it as it’s not like any other pizza I’ve ever had. A complete reinvention.




    Good stuff. Really innovative. We sampled four different toppings and liked some (house-made Canadian bacon) more than others (pepperoni). The best were very good.

    I think the crust is the key, and it’s both a liability and an opportunity. A liability, in that everyone’s going to expect this to be standard pizza, with standard toppings… but every bite is going to taste like it’s got a little bit of corn added, which is a little weird for some standard pizza combinations. So if he has to keep a long list of standards on the menu because that’s what everyone orders, the people who order it might think, “Well, it’s different, but it didn’t wow me.” On the other hand, for nontraditional pizza toppings, like the Canadian bacon, that go well with corn, it’s really, really good… but people may have to be convinced to step outside their pizza comfort zone to try those.

    So I’d say definitely try it, and keep in mind when selecting toppings that a hint of corn is your phantom ingredient. If it sounds good with a little corn, it’ll probably make for a really good pizza.


    We had the canadian bacon and apple as well as the crow style with sausage since we had heard rave reviews about the sausage. Of the two, the canadian bacon was definitely the better option. In addition to not being a fan of the crust (not because it was horrible, just not my personal preference), I didn’t get what all the fanfare over the sausage was about. It was okay.

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