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Poindexter Village Redevelopment - News & Updates

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    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    Here is what some people at the Poindexter Community History Festival last weekend had to say about it.

    “The city has declared they’re doing to be demolishing half of their public housing within the next five years. Poindexter is going to be the last to go, and it is the biggest public housing complex in the city currently, and it’s the oldest public housing complex in the nation. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt came and inaugurated it exactly 70 years ago this month and that’s why we’re having the Poindexter festival in October.” —-Samantha Agarwal

    “ I am saddened by the fact that Poindexter is going to be razed. However, Poindexter, being the first government subsidized housing in this country, leaves an impact that no one can ever erase.

    We have many notable persons that are serving not only this community but throughout this country, that were born and raised in Columbus, in Poindexter Village… In our apartments there were families–mother, father, and children. And yet when there were some that did not have both (parents), we filled that void as families, so no one was without family… And the fact that they are going to take it (Poindexter Village) down, we have to understand that we are affecting history.”

    Sybil Edwards-McNabb

    “ It was a community built for the working poor and you had a pride about yourself in being in Poindexter Village. I hate the word ‘project,’ because it wasn’t a project, it was a village…They’re talking about tearing it down which I think is a waste of money.

    “When you look at our economy, why would you tear this down and leave so many other people homeless ? They just did a big renovation here…I don’t think people were even made aware they were going to tear this down, because I think there would have been more protest as far as keeping it up instead of tearing it down. They tell you things after the fact, instead of before it happens…The people need to have more of a say so than (just) Ohio State University Hospitals.

    “You’re putting people out of homes. Don’t you think we have enough homeless people as it is? And so why would you do this to the people?” —- Luana Hall.




    cc wrote >>
    images of the building
    old post on this

    Actually Poindexter Village and Poindexter Tower are different housing projects (although next to each other). The tower has been abandoned for sometime, while the village is occupied.

    Background on the tower – http://www.ohioexploration.com/poindextertower.htm



    thanks Futureman, I thought they were all part of the same project.


    Poindexter History Festival

    Here’s a video I made for the history festival. Wrapping up a larger documentary with an even larger documentary due next year probably.


    Poindexter village has been the scene of more murders, double homicides, triple homicides, gang shootings, heroin suicides, beatings, dope deals yada, yada, yada than any other project in the USA – it is like a mini Bronx or animal ville -just ask the Columbus Police Department and pull the statistics.

    The place is a dump and a terrible, terrible place to live and raise a family – it is 1 step above homeless shelter living – only worse because it is unsupervised and the constant crime and criminal element. The best thing for the sad residents that remain there is for them to take a voucher and find another place to live and it to be bombed.

    Just because FDR visited and they are 50 years old doesn’t make it special, antique or historical. Remember that Adolf Hitler visited the Nazi concentration camps too. They need to go and the sooner the better imho! They were a housing experiment in segregated America that we do not need to remember, relive or repeat!


    Adding to the thread!

    Also, my comments are in the present tense – I am speaking about the last 20 years to the present – today. I am sure in 1940 they were respectable, but they are just terrible now, there is a shooting there every night and a dope deal at 5 Brothers (Champion and Long) every hour – just ask the Columbus Police and the Fire Department what the real deal is – this place is bad karma and just plain bad – we called it growing up the PRISON!


    Jim Lauwers

    KingLincolnUrbanEnthusiast wrote >>
    it is 1 step above homeless shelter living – only worse





    Jim Lauwers

    They should leave it in place. Since Chicago tore down Cabrini-Green we’re in the running for any remakes of Candyman.





    Maybe they can preserve this wonderful, important, lovely, historic treasure and make this place a museum and start charging visitors a $15.00 admission to tour the village – put the entrance at 5 Brothers on North Governors too where they can distribute kevlar vests

    First, they need to build a 15 foot high fence with razor wire around it to keep folks from breaking out!


    Chris Sherman
    Chris Sherman

    Yeah now that riverside Bradley is closed poindexter may be the only option for candy 3 ” the rebirth of pookie”.



    Hmmm… this thread took a turn somewhere… Not too many people wanna weigh in on it…


    people211 wrote >>
    Hmmm… this thread took a turn somewhere… Not too many people wanna weigh in on it…

    weigh in on it then..

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 174 total)

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