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    My wife and I are moving to Columbus in March of next year. We have been looking to buy a home but have not been too impressed with either the inventory or options in the Downtown, GV (proper), or Victorian Village areas. We have been in Columbus a few times but have not seen more then what our realtor has shown us. I was wondering if you could recommend some up and coming areas to consider. Also, if there are any high-rise condo’s in downtown that are being built or re-built for sale that should be available within 12-24 months then we would consider renting for a period of time. Any advise would help and be appreciated.


    In Columbus “condos” are owned. What you’d be looking to rent are apartments. There’s a 12-story building under construction at the southeast corner of Rich and High streets. It will be complete by summer 2015.

    Across the street at the southwest and northwest corners of Rich and High, 8-story apartments will be built. Don’t know if those will fit your timeline though. They haven’t moved in awhile.

    The Leveque Tower and the Atlas building are 20th century high rises under renovation into apartments (and an upscale hotel in Leveque). Those should be complete by your timeline.

    That’s it as far as tall buildings. If you would like a new-build condo downtown look at the Neighborhood Launch condos on Gay St. just east of High St. They’re not tall, but very well done and in a nice location.



    The nicest true downtown high rise condos are probably in Miranova. However, the Arena District’s North Bank condos are also nice. Both are on the expensive side for Columbus, but pretty reasonable if you’re coming from a bigger city. The only upside I know of for North Bank is that they have a tax abatement, at least for a few more years.



    If you’re looking to own a living space downtown, you’ll want to look into the 15 year tax abatement on all new builds. The city essentially gives up almost $10M a year in ad valorem to incentivize the development of more downtown housing stock, which is sorely needed.

    Downtown has two “elite” condo high-rises, the North Bank and Miramar, and one has the tax abatement whereas one did not (for example).

    I live downtown and it’s not bad at all with a car, but a little tough without due the impact of parking and homelessness are pretty bleak (not insulting the homeless, just saying it’s a bigger problem in this downtown than others). I got rid of my car in a foolish move of urban hubris, so just don’t make the same mistake!

    Since you had asked, some great up-and-coming areas are Old Town East (reno’d homes going for 400+), and East Franklinton is going to see a wave of condo development break ground soon. In general, you’ll find that Columbus has a remarkable inner city housing stock, but you may not be looking in the right price range. Downtown may have small condos that are cheaper than surrounding neighborhoods, but in those areas 300-350 is probably bare minimum for something nice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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