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City Council is Public Enemy: "Yeah boyeee!"

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    In another sign of how disconnected and dysfunctional our political machine has gotten, lastnight the Franklin County Democratic Party ignored voters and voted to endorse school Board president Gary Baker over two primary candidates who received more primary votes than he did. Baker has had a relatively undistinguished tenure to date, and is a holdover from the data scrubbing era who voters held accountable at the polls, but who the FCDP seeks to re-elevate through party support over reformer Bernadine Kennedy Kent who uncovered and disclosed the massive tutoring program fraud and Dr. Tina Pierce a CCS graduate with four children in CCS schools, whose doctoral thesis was on education policy. The Democratic primary voters selected good candidates, but the party last night annointed an undistinguished loyalist in Baker who Democratic primary voters sought to remove, along with former judge Eric Brown, the husband of current Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown.

    A party regular was texting me during the meeting to tell me the Central Committee appointed Mike Stinziano’s (state rep/council candidate) wife, somebody related to Zach Klein (city councilmember), and Bill Anthony (party chairman) appointed his wife to the committee.

    It is this favoritism, insiderism and nepotism that is causing a lot of the issues with representation now, and the party doubled down on it last night. This is embarrassingly backwoods behavior by a small group of people intent on maintaining their local power regardless of what the voters express. They all need to be turned out in November, so we can have a fresh start with people deserving of trust.


    Hilltopian: Sad but true. The Hilltop ten or fifteen years ago was a far different place than it is now. Had the public dollars directed to well-connected wealthy folks instead been used to help maintain the middle class, the neighborhood could have been kept from going beyond the tipping point. But I fear that it has already gone beyond it. And the casino may, in fact, do more harm than good because those persons barely getting by are more likely to gamble the rent money than are those in the stable middle class who don’t feel a need to try to hit it rich.

    As is often pointed out, casinos are designed so as NOT to direct attention outward. The last thing their operators want is for gamblers to frequent nearby businesses. Perhaps that is why Arena District interests pushed it away so strenuously. And because those wealthy interests give so much money to Columbus politicians, they received far more help from the city than Hilltop folks could ever hope for.

    Columbus IS becoming two cities and those along N. High Street (and northwest, and Polaris, etc.) had better soon recognize that they are not as far from the “problem areas” as they may believe. Mayor Coleman likes to say that downtown is everyone’s neighborhood, well so is the Hilltop, Franklinton, South Linden, the south side and the many other areas people avoid if they can. The Hilltop was very much like Clintonvile only a few years ago. You listening Clintonville? You are NOT an island!



    Boy o boy. Stumbled upon this from Liz lessner! http://elizabethlessner.com/2014/01/22/adversity-is-the-mother-of-progress/
    So she lays out a lot, a long time ago. The people that defend Ginther and his jerkoff buddies on this message board have no idea what is going on. Wake up dummies. Read this from lessner. How hard did the city turn on her. I know I voted with my wallet and stoped investing in things in the city until it stops extorting people.


    Great editorial in today’s Dispatch, “Cloud over city hall grows larger”, includes old, old news to many of us. Jonathan Beard has been trying for years to help people understand that Columbus’s one-party machine is corrupt, inbred, non-responsive, vindictive, and just plain arrogant (correction: full of swagger). (Perhaps it took new ownership at the Dispatch to see that word reaches a larger audience.) As sad and thoroughly disappointing as is the state of affairs in city hall, THERE IS GOOD NEWS. In November, we can vote make our voices heard loud and clear and replace with new blood and new ideas these “representatives” who have pursued their own political and financial interests far more than the public interest.

    And, please, don’t allow the city hall machine to fool you with the NAME GAME. They selected Ms. Brown to replace Mills on the ballot because Brown is a very well-known political name in Ohio and they hope people will pull the lever for her because she sounds familiar. She would not have been selected if they thought she’d exercise independent thought, for independent thought is a crime in city hall, punishable by political death. Just ask Rich Sensenbrenner.

    We can keep Columbus from becoming the poster child for bad government, BUT WE HAVE TO EDUCATE OUSELVES AND VOTE! And by educate ourselves, I don’t mean simply look at the glossy mailings and slick TV ads from the major parties. They provide as much helpful information as a fortune cookie, if that much.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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