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City asks Liquor Control to shut down 13 more bars

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    Here’s a story in todays ‘spatch about the wine laws:
    Wine law untested in early going

    Only a $100 dollar fine (and they only track mail-order) so drink away!



    I saw that Club Ice had another shooting incident at their New Years event. After the nightly fight started, three people were shot by stray bullets. So, do you think since it was past midnight it will go onto their 2010 complaint?

    Either way it is not the type of business that Downtown is interested in to keep positive, community building development growing…for 2009 or 2010.



    Zeno’s on a list?that place is a palace compared to the shitholes in this town.

    before all this no smoking crap started Zeno’s was regarded as a ” go to” place for the little hotties in this town.i don’t know if it still is,but i do admire the owner for fighting a bullshit law.

    Columbus Monthly did a story on bars back in the early 90’s,an ex g/f of mine is actually on the cover of that issue getting trashed at Zeno’s.

    i should have taken that cover picture as a warning.



    Cookie wrote >>

    kit444 wrote >>
    If you buy wine by the case, do they track it somehow?

    If they do, Trader Joe’s has me on a terrorist watch list.

    Oh no, us too! Is that why the ring the bell? (j/k)


    agtw31 wrote >>
    before all this no smoking crap started Zeno’s was regarded as a ” go to” place for the little hotties in this town..

    I don’t think they should close the place down… but I think this statment is a large exaggeration heh



    dirtgirl wrote >>

    Bear wrote >>
    I’m actually kind of serious… the effective date is listed as 2007, so if I’m reading this correctly this is a very recent bit of asshattery, not some archaic blue law. I kind of wonder what’s behind it.

    I looked and it’s bizarre. 2007’s budget bill (HB119) added the following:
    No family household shall purchase more than twenty-four cases of nine-liter bottles of wine in one year.
    Which makes no sense. What is a nine-liter bottle and does it really come in cases of 24?
    They amended it in 2008 (SB150) to read 24 cases of 12 750mL bottles.
    My guess as to why this happened in 2007 is as a response to the recent US Supreme Court decision to allow consumers to purchase directly from out of state wineries. The wholesalers probably wanted to keep you from buying tons of California wines and sharing it with your friends. But it was so badly drafted, it had to be fixed in the 2008 liquor clean-up bill.

    You would be correct.

    The US supreme court ruled that by not allowing people to buy wine directly from other states it was an illegal restraint of interstate commerce.

    So in response, Ohio passed a blue law.



    Another local bar has shut down

    The few times I went there, half of campus went down there for college night…imagine bumping into ten of your classmates there, or your dorm neighbors from freshman year there as well. “The Love Boat” of bars for small liberal arts schools, hahaha….



    Walker wrote
    Objections filed by the city by neighborhood:
    • North Side: Morse Quick Mart, 1570 Morse Rd.; Sweeney’s, 4432 Walford St.

    Everyone better go party at Jim Sweeney’s place before they close it down.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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