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    I think you’re kind of going in circles in a way.

    Less a circle than a continuum. It may be that, from a developer’s perspective, there’s opportunity in hot, opportunity in cold, but less in the middle. Or, could be that the political types in Columbus are unusually conservative regarding outside development. Could partially be a matter of our lack of national name recognition – I can imagine ego-driven developers hating to mention the latest city they’re targeting and hearing, ‘which one?’ in response. Or, could be some combination thereof.

    It’d be nice to get more attention here, but I can’t envy economically distressed cities getting large scale developments that may ultimately add to their economic distress. I just can’t conceive of how the problems they face can even begin to be solved with more square footage.



    Don’t worry Cbus considering how Skyhouse is taking over a dozen cities so far across the country with the same glass box. This appears to be a taller version of highpoint. Do we really want this? Generic design that damages a skyline view for decades.

    Yes they are the duplicated and basically are the same design, but it is not a bad design and it works and the fact that it is replicated again and again attests to that fact(Atlanta has four and counting). And just because it is the same design does not mean it is of Highpoint quality(or lack thereof). Exactly from where did you pull that info? It is not generic for Columbus if there is only one anyway, and again, just because it is replicated does not mean it is bad design.

    Look at the pieces of crap that dot the Cbus skyline(including the tallest and one of the ugliest of them all) and then tell me a nice glass tower is going to ‘damage’ our skyline? That is an incredible stretch, to say the least. Also one 350 unit Skyhouse with garage would fill little more than one quarter block. The building itself is less than half a quarter block. But instead the timid Central Ohio developer who only care about maintaining their control of the central Ohio real estate market can at best put up a six story stickbuild two blocks from the center of the 15th largest city in the Unites States, and downsize a project because the residential component will not work, when we have a huge demand for downtown living and few vacancies.

    I am increasingly believing that development in Columbus has just been hijacked by backwards local developers and the crappy powers that be who’s wheels are kept well greased to keep the whole inward looking, dated, incestuous relationships between the various parties involved going as long as the money keeps coming in. I might change my tune when they actually show me that I am wrong and start acting like they are operating in a big city and not a very large cowtown.

    YMMV of course.

    King Gambrinus
    King Gambrinus

    Not to pile on, but a $70M historic renovation project by a firm out of Florida (who also happens to be renovating the Huntington Bank Building in Cleveland) was just announced today. I think that takes Cincy up to ~$250M of development in the last week.


    Meanwhile in Columbus we can’t get the LC to build more than 1 story a year.

Viewing 3 posts - 181 through 183 (of 183 total)

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