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    Coremodels said:
    Almost forgot my favorite local celeb as a wee lad in Upper Arlington, Morgana the Kissing Bandit!




    tolemac5050 said:
    Eric Clapton’s west bank mansion? Old Rumor

    Old Rumor, but true. I dated his wife’s cousin in high school. That was 5 years ago I suppose they could have moved.


    turbo ninja

    Johnny DiLoretto, Columbus Media Icon, is the most famous person.

    Not just in Columubus, but PERIOD.



    Bill Clinton went to Katzinger’s that one time.


    dogfart said:
    dont forget zas

    ZAS is long gone, we ran out hair gel and he bounced.


    help is one the way?

    or did he die?



    bob.os said:

    My mom is really good friends with Mo! Shes a really sweet woman!



    I believe that former Senator and first American to orbit the earth John Glenn lives at Miranova.



    Coremodels said:
    Almost forgot my favorite local celeb as a wee lad in Upper Arlington, Morgana the Kissing Bandit!



    vestanpance said:
    help is one the way?

    or did he die?

    unfortunately, he’s deceased. birdsofafeatherflocktogether


    Neil Jaye

    These are some accounts I have been told by friends who saw these people in Columbus over the years. Can not guarantee all of them as I personally did not see them, but…:

    • Bruce Willis and Demi Moore at a concert with their kids in Polaris
    • Woody Harrison at a restaurant in German Village
    • Samuel L. Jackson at a bar in Polaris
    • Seth Macfarlane in Short North (I was told he has a close relative in Columbus and is here several times a year.)
    • Dave Chapelle at Easton. (can confirm this one. I had a picture in my old phone)
    • Kate Upton at local hotel (probably many other model as well with Victoria Secrets being based here)
    • Conchata Galen Ferrel; housekeeper on Two and a Half Men in Short North. Understand she has family or property and Centerville. Has been seen fairly often.
    • Brent Musburger; I can confirm this personally. Came to Champps in Worthington after every OSU football game he covered.
    • Morgan Freeman at Columbus Airport
    • Luke Perry at a bar in Clintonville
    • Tara Reid tailgating at an OSU game. Her brother did go to school here.
    • Billy Bob Thornton at restaurant downtown.
    • Jackie Mason at Cheesecake Factory Easton. Can confirm this. I met him.
    • Harrison Ford at a hotel downtown

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Neil Jaye said:
    • Dave Chapelle at Easton. (can confirm this one. I had a picture in my old phone)

    He lives in Yellow Springs. A friend of mine just ran into him there last weekend.



    osubilly said:
    In terms of famous people passing through here, this discussion is ridiculous. Columbus is a big city and many famous people pass through here on a regular basis. C’mon guys think of stuff Columbus has that brings world famous people here on a frequent basis.
    -Politics (pretty much anyone important in the last 150 years)
    -The Ohio State University
    -Ohio State Athletics
    -Columbus Crew (arguably the most famous person on earth David Beckham)
    -The Columbus Clippers (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera both played here)
    -The Arnold Convention
    -The Columbus Blue Jackets


    My husband used to work for a hospitality mgmt company. And would see a few people a month. It was the norm for him to the point I would give him a rough time when he wouldn’t tell me after about a week that he chatted with 50 cent while waiting for their cars from valet.
    I can’t begin to name them all.
    His 2 favorite stories are: A) someone from Usher’s crew flooded the hotel from leaving their bath tub running. He was such a great guy he invited the entire staff from hotel to his first few rows of the concert. It’s documented in one of those behind the scenes.
    B) Jon Stewart and Billy Joel Armstrong were both in town and husband was walking to his car in the parking garage and witnessed them do a silly “Billy!!”…..”Jon!!!” and then slow motion run a few yards and hug each other. He said it was surreal.

    He chatted with this guy when he was in town http://www.columbusunderground.com/film-review-parker

    He tried to pursue Statham to go visit a restaurant I was working at.



    Seth McFarlane was at Gresso’s a couple years ago.



    I saw Tara Reid at the OSU bookstore before a game a few years ago.. forgot about that. There is a picture of Vince Vaughn on the wall at Park St Tavern. He stopped in with his buddies for a drink after that Outlaws of Comedy tour he put on a few years back.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 54 total)

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