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Celebrate National Brownie Day with a FREE 1lb bag of Sugardaddy's Pocket Change

Home Forums Events Shopping Events & Deals Celebrate National Brownie Day with a FREE 1lb bag of Sugardaddy's Pocket Change

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    In honor of National Brownie Day which is December 8, Sugardaddy’s is giving away one FREE 1-lb bag of Pocket Change @ $9 (brownie bites) when you buy a 1-lb bag of Pocket Change OR when you purchase $18 in brownie products/gifts. (‘Tis the Season.)

    Offer valid in stores (Downtown, Easton, and Polaris Parkway) today through December 8.

    Limit 2 free bags per customer.

    Offer value: $9. Not valid for cash.




    Great response yesterday from CU readers; thank you!

    The celebration of National Brownie Day continues today thru tomorrow with Sugardaddy’s FREE Pocket Change Give Away (1-lb bag of brownie bites).
    Downtown. Easton Town Center. Polaris Parkway @ Cameron Avenue.

    P.S. Shop for a great selection of freshly-baked brownie Holiday gifts and desserts, too. And remember, Sugardaddy’s ships nationwide: “Oven to Door in 24” freshness guaranteed!


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Doh! I misread your original post and thought the deal was *only* on the 8th rather than *through* the 8th. ;) Very cool!


    Walker said:
    Doh! I misread your original post and thought the deal was *only* on the 8th rather than *through* the 8th. ;) Very cool!

    Last year we celebrated only on Dec 8 and found that a number of people could not take advantage of our special celebration deal, so for this year we’ve extended the celebration across the week.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Today’s the day! Happy Brownie Day everyone!
    I heard that they are well stocked, so head on down! :)


    Anne said:
    Today’s the day! Happy Brownie Day everyone!
    I heard that they are well stocked, so head on down! :)

    Still stocked very well, although they are short two bags. Thank you very much for the special Mark!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I stopped in and bought a bag earlier this afternoon. Great stuff! :D



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