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Celebrate Local Store at Easton

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    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Celebrate Local is having their Grand Reopening festivities this weekend (Sat March 2 and Sunday March 3):

    SATURDAY Grand Re-Opening Sampling and Tasting Line Up packed with our Ohio Proud Small Businesses ready to share their goodies with ya!

    12-2pm Aimee’s Blue Ribbon Spices, Firelands Winery, J-Pops , Luna Burger
    2-4pm Dolce Pizzelles Cookie Co., Maize Valley Winery ,Royal Fireworks Sauce
    4-6pm Delicioso Desserts, Shagbark Seed & Mill, Tessora

    1-3pm Royal Fireworks Sauce, CaJohn’s Flavor & Fire and Sweet Mama’s Gluten Free Bakery



    With Lynn Stan and Connie De Jong involved this place is unstoppable, they are amazing women.


    Eliza Ho

    You will also see a local art wall contributed by all talented local artists of diverse styles. Plus, they are for sale too. Participating artists include:

    Matthew Richard Barnes (misterbarnes.com)
    Amanda H.Cook (amandahopecook.com)
    Larry Doyle (lorenzostudios.com)
    Mark Eberhardt (markeberhardt.com)
    Thom Glick (www.thomglick.com)
    Michael Halliday (www.michaeljhalliday.com)
    Andrew Ina (www.andrewina.com)
    Jen Kiko
    Ellen Knolls
    Bryan Kossmann
    Lisa McLymont (lisamclymont.com)
    Terri Ogburn (www.drumlovrstudio.blogspot.com)
    Brian Reaume (Birchwaterstudios.com)
    Christine Guillot Ryan (www.GuillotRyan.com)
    Laurie Schmidt
    Jamie Sommer
    Derek Stewart (derekstewart.com)
    Chris Tennant http://www.theheathenhoard.bigcartel.com
    Alicia jean Vanderelli-Troutman (ajvanderelli.com)
    Jen Wrubleski (www.jenwrubleski.com)
    Christopher Burk (www.christopherburk.com)


    Wow! We thank you all for all your support! The NEW Celebrate Local store is owned and operated by Heidi A. Maybruck and Lynn Stan who co-created our store!

    Connie DeJong of Global Gallery helped operate our store in 2012. We appreciate Global Gallery’s assistance in collaborating with us, ECDi and the Easton Community Foundation to make Celebrate Local so special. They have moved on with other important work promoting Fair Trade locally and around the world.

    We look forward to seeing everyone at our Grand Re-Opening Celebration this weekend! Here is our tentative Line Up of our awesome CL family of Small Businesses:


    Elizabeth Lessner

    I will miss seeing Connie’s face at Easton. She’s had such a tremendous impact on fair trade locally and abroad for the past 15+ years, she introduced the idea in Central Ohio long before ‘fair trade’ was in the public lexicon.

    Eliza, thanks for the posting the line-up of artists, that’s terrific, were you involved in the selection? You have such a great eye. And how soon can we get a Dinin’ Hall for our post-shopping at Celebrate Local enjoyment? ;)

    So glad to see Lynn Stan is involved, what a terrific person to have on board for this project. Lynn is a pioneer in local sustainability efforts, her background and experience will lend tremendous credibility to the mission of this store, especially in Connie’s absence. Looking forward to visiting, thanks for the updates!


    Connie’s gone? Oh no! Bummer, anyone know where she went?



    Celebrate Local Celebrates Grand Re-Opening
    Published on March 1, 2013 9:00 am
    By: Walker

    While the new Celebrate Local store location at Easton (3952 Townsfair Way) has already been open to the public for nearly a month, the founders of the business are officially hosting their grand re-opening this weekend. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Celebrate Local is a one-stop shop that sells items from over 200 artisan and boutique local businesses ranging from food to clothing to art to skincare products.

    We spoke recently with Celebrate Local Founder and Co-Creator Heidi Maybruck to find out whats in store for the new store.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/celebrate-local-celebrates-grand-re-opening


    Elizabeth Lessner

    Mirm, I know Connie has been working a lot at the GG shop in Clintonville, they’re gearing up for their busy farmer’s market season (in addition to her 15 other jobs & board responsibilities!). Connie has to be the hardest working woman in the fair trade/sustainable retail world, she’s a total unsung hero…and one of OSU’s top professors to boot. Bet you’ll see her around at one of the GG shops when you’re out & about.



    Best Specialty Store of 2013: Celebrate Local
    Published on December 23, 2013 8:00 am
    By: Walker

    What makes a specialty store special? Our loose definition is that it best described as place that doesn’t fit an easy categorization. And this year’s reader survey favorite is a very good example of that.

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