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CALYX & TEEBEE in Buffalo @ Dingens 2 Rooms/18+

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    Tickets, Directions & all info avail below

    Friday December 7th

    Sponsored by HeadSpace

    Considering Drum & Bass is a well molded and matured genre, it’s always a special treat to have some new school veterans grace the decks for us…

    We bring you one of the biggest names in Drum & Bass on 6 decks…

    [Room 1]

    ˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜The ‘All Or Nothing’ Album Tour!˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜


    ***ON 6 DECKS!!***


    Ram Records/Metalheadz



    To drum & bass fans the world over the names Calyx and TeeBee are synonymous with high quality, perfectly sculpted music. Just as Michelangelo discovered statues in blocks of stone, so Calyx and TeeBee discovered the essence of D&B locked away in studio equipment; always forward-thinking and packed with as much integrity as energy; their music has had an impact on the scene for over fifteen years.

    While Calyx & TeeBee’s first collaborations emerged in 2004, their history and friendship dates back to 1998 when they were introduced as label-mates of the legendary Moving Shadow imprint. In the following years the two artists accumulated astounding solo back-catalogues of releases on a glittering array of D&B’s most respected labels.

    When Calyx and TeeBee finally decided it was time to work together in the studio, the first tracks they produced (‘Follow The Leader’ and ‘Cyclone’) were highly acclaimed by the music press. Both tracks featured on Calyx’s debut album ‘No Turning Back’ and were picked up by Rockstar who used them as the soundtrack for a global TV campaign advertising the colossal ‘Midnight Club’ computer games series.

    Following this huge joint success Calyx and TeeBee produced one of the landmark releases of 2006: ‘The Quest’ released on TeeBee’s renowned Subtitles label. In the same year the pair also penned ‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ for Renegade Hardware’s 10 year anniversary album before deciding to embark on the long journey of producing a collaborative album.

    Now officially a duet Calyx & TeeBee launched Momentum Music which marked its first release with their debut long player. The ‘Anatomy’ LP proved to be one of the most highly anticipated albums in D&B for years, gaining massive support from the scene’s big players and topping sales charts for months.

    ‘Anatomy’ was a game changer, and following its release Calyx & TeeBee decided to embark on non stop tours across the globe, venturing into joint DJ sets featuring 6 decks and 2 mixers with both DJs in action simultaneously. Meanwhile the duo started to lay groundwork for their follow-up LP which would see them take five years to complete.

    Fast forward to 2012 and Calyx & TeeBee are now set to unveil the kaleidoscopic array of new music that they have been building up in that time. Embracing the new possibilities that the bass music revolution has opened up, Calyx & TeeBee’s current musical perspective covers a range of styles and sounds that threaten to change the game once again.

    Their sophomore album is out now on Ram Records, arguably the biggest and most respected drum & bass label in the world and a leading light in the multi-genre bass music scene.






    also in Room 1… by Frosty Tone with sound by Tristan & 716 Sound

    DIGITAL ANALOG DOGG ***Rochester, NY***


    DNB – Jungle Bums


    PERCEPTOR ***Rochester, NY***

    DNB – Frosty Tone/Ghettotronic/Synthetik Funk/Underground FM

    BIG BASHA & DEMI GOD ***Buffalo, NY***

    Dubstep Plus – Frosty Tone/Gradient Audio/Surface Audio

    POTENT J ***Buffalo, NY***

    DNB Plus – Frosty Tone/NSP

    THE VERDICT ***Buffalo, NY***

    Glitch Hop|Midtempo -Frosty Tone/DOAP

    ROLA! ***Buffalo, NY***

    Future Garage|Bass – Frosty Tone

    SHOWGOSEE MC ***Buffalo, NY***

    The host with the most! – Frosty Tone


    [Room 2] brought to you by Subfilled Fridays & Cpt Wolfy Sound

    BITTLE ***Rochester, NY***

    Dubstep – Roc City Bass


    EYES EVERYWHERE ***Buffalo, NY***

    Electro/Breakbeat/Tech House – Hxly/Good Looks NY

    E-MISSION & ENIMAL NOIZE ***Buffalo, NY***

    Dubstep – Frosty Tone/Filthgasm/Enimal aka Tempers Rouge

    NECKBRACE & FYAHFACE ***Buffalo, NY***

    Dubstep – Frosty Tone/Subfilled Friday

    FORMULA ***Buffalo, NY***

    DNB – Frosty Tone

    TECHNODDO ***Buffalo, NY***

    Midtempo Funk – Frosty Tone

    CAPTAIN WOLFY ***Buffalo, NY***

    Dubstep Plus – Frosty Tone

    DU DECKS ***Buffalo, NY***

    DNB – Frosty Tone


    #1 Worldwide touring Drum & Bass artists Calyx & Teebee. Including 18 other performers.

    2 Rooms of Sound/Best Sound System in WNY. Sound by Tristan, 716 Sound & Cpt Wolfy Sound. Lighting & Effects.

    Friday December 7th

    18+ @ Dingens Bar & Grille

    601 Dingens Street Buffalo, NY





    ¬Tickets @ http://www.calyxandteebeewny.eventbrite.com

    $20 First 100 Tickets

    $25 Presale Tickets until Dec 6th

    $30 Day of or at Door

    ¬Tickets @ http://www.calyxandteebeewny.eventbrite.com

    presale will be avail very soon @ HeadSpace..

    -* Sponsored by Headspace Gifts & Glass *-


    67 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY.

    (716) 844-8907



    DIRECTIONS/trips under 8hr:

    BOSTON 7hr55min – http://tiny.cc/5zi2nw

    BURLINGTON 7hr16min – http://tiny.cc/b1i2nw

    NYC 6hr56min – http://tiny.cc/a4g2nw

    ALBANY 4hr59min – http://tiny.cc/44g2nw

    SYRACUSE 2hr35min – http://tiny.cc/urg2nw

    UTICA 3hr27min – http://tiny.cc/g3i2nw

    ITHACA 2hr52min – http://tiny.cc/c4i2nw

    BINGHAMTON 3hr41min – http://tiny.cc/u5i2nw

    ROCHESTER 1hr17min – http://tiny.cc/qtg2nw

    TORONTO 2hr1min – http://tiny.cc/ggh2nw

    LONDON 2hr51min – http://tiny.cc/p6i2nw

    JAMESTOWN 1hr26min – http://tiny.cc/whh2nw

    CLEVELAND 3hr22min – http://tiny.cc/hih2nw

    COLUMBUS 5hr44min – http://tiny.cc/3ih2nw

    PITTSBURGH 3hr42min – http://tiny.cc/fkh2nw

    PHILADELPHIA 6hr55min – http://tiny.cc/dfh2nw

    BALTIMORE 6hr43min – http://tiny.cc/51i2nw

    WASHINGTON 7hr23min – http://tiny.cc/9kj2nw


    Mister Shifter

    Buffalo. Right.



    Buffalo, exactly. :)

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