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    I frequently refer to Columbus Underground to find out about my city and I would like to return the favor to those in the market for a new apartment.

    I have recently left my seemingly fantastic apartment in Victorian Village owned by C&W Investments. I have pacified my opinion for months, but I reached the breaking point today and feel like it’s my responsibility to share my story with people.

    My roommate and I encountered multiple problem with the owner Lou over our one year lease. Last January–only weeks after moving in–we were without heat for four days. No heat in subzero temperatures seems unreasonable to me. This summer, when the A/C went out, it took over a week to repair. And when the mice came (and oh did they come!) our complaints were left unanswered. (And I know for a fact that multiple locations owned by C&W have persistent mice issues.) For months we founght with the mice and caught them ourselves to try to fix the problem. The mice were the last straw and we decided not to renew the lease.

    We officially moved out on Monday and I had left 15 bags of goods that were being donated to charity for a scheduled pickup on Friday. I had made arrangements with the C&W staff so they were aware of the pick up and even offered to place the items outside myself. I was told it was fine, and they would take care of it since the weaather was inclement and they didn’t want things left outside. I was made aware this afternoon that not only were the 15 bags of clothes and household items simply tossed into the trash, but we would also be CHARGED for leaving things.

    Lou is a heartless slumlord. I strongly advise any parties considering a lease with C&W to save yourself the trouble.


    Will T

    The owner, Lou Cabral is delusional, borderline pathological. He thinks he can take advantage of his tentants as he sees fit outside the confines of the law.


    Analogue Kid

    http://311.columbus.gov and report code violation. Make it unprofitable to be a slumlord.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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