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Bustling Urban Neighborhoods Create Parking Tension

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    King Gambrinus
    King Gambrinus

    Even after reading the report I’m a little confused on the permits. The report displays the proposed pay streets/zones. Then later displays the simplified RPP zones and notes that Existing zones will be combined; (remote
    areas incorporated as requested) Priced and unpriced streets in High Street and Italian Summit and Victorian become permit eligible, Permits exempt holder from all regulations, including pricing.

    So it seems to state that others can still request for permits and says streets will become permit eligible. Which implies they aren’t going to force permits into current none permit zones. But if you don’t have a permit and you live in a pay area, you’d constantly have to feed the meter to park on your street since it’s the permits that exempt you from payment. Which would imply that you’d basically need to incorporate your street into the permit zone.

    I like a lot of the proposals around shortening metered spaces, consolidating bus stops, and valet zones. But I’m still a little leary of the permit part of the plan. I agree that the parking woes are a bit overstated. Especially with all the new garages that have just opened or are being constructed.


    I’m confused after reading through the final meeting presentation. Where are residents of High St supposed to go? We are currently unable to purchase a city parking permit, and I was looking forward to a new reorganization that would allow it. (Right now I typically park in unrestricted areas and walk about 10 minutes to my apartment). But under the proposed changes, High St residents are still unable to purchase a parking permit, and those unrestricted areas will become permitted. Did I miss something, am I understanding this correctly?

    It looks like, should this plan go through, my options would be to constantly feed a meter or pay $150+/month for a garage spot. I know cars don’t get free rent, but it’s frustrating when my neighbor can get that $25/year city pass :( It seems logical that High St residents could get an I or V pass depending on what side of the street they live on.

    Can anyone provide any more info?

Viewing 2 posts - 211 through 212 (of 212 total)

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