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    I went last night for Valentine’s as well. We mostly split small plates so we didn’t get to try any entrees.

    The cocktails and beer selection were very good. I recommend the Citrus Punch.

    They had a diverse selection of oysters which were all excellent.

    The “Devils on Horseback” are bacon-wrapped figs with ricotta cheese. Definitely a highlight of the meal. The cheese curds were also very good.

    The one disappointment of the meal was the pound of “hot” wings. These wings, while tender and well-prepared, were overly salty and lacked any spice. I wouldn’t order those again.

    For dessert, we split a slice of “crack” pie. Its carmelly-crunchy deliciousness is worth saving room for.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    surber17 said:
    @Walker …how was the fried chicken? I’ve been craving some great fried chicken

    It was pretty tasty. Semi-crunchy skin with a nice spice blend, and juicy meat. The braised collard greens were heavily pork flavored as they had been cooked with either bacon or porn belly (couldn’t quite tell which) and the inclusion of a sticky warm cinnamon bun was a nice twist on “chicken and waffles”.



    cooked with “porn belly” huh? .. that’s one of the funniest typos i’ve seen in a while



    How’s the atmosphere in there? Is it fairly casual, or would you feel out of place in jeans and a t-shirt?


    PaulH said:
    How’s the atmosphere in there? Is it fairly casual, or would you feel out of place in jeans and a t-shirt?

    It’s casual. The staff dress code was indigo denim and flannel type plaid shirts.



    I’m really glad to hear they got the chicken sorted. I was there for the preview weekend and the coating was soft & sweet – it was heavily cinnamon flavored, with no savory component. As it’s hard to impossible to find good fried chicken at a sit-down in this down, I had high hopes – maybe I’ll brave it again.

    When we went, the cocktails were fantastic – I saw several huge punch bowls go walking by – and everything we had off the small plate menu was really good. I loved that they had different oysters, that the waiter was so knowledgeable about each variety, and that they were so damned delicious.

    The crack pie is also fantastic. Mmmm. Pie.

    ETA: The atmosphere is great… You could wear anything from jeans to an evening gown and not feel out of place.


    Mister Shifter

    Took some cousins from Chicago here tonight for a special dinner. In short, it was phenomenal.

    We pretty much went wild and ordered as much as we could:

    – Cheese curds
    – Deviled eggs
    – Lots of oysters
    – 4 different entrees
    – CRACK PIE.

    I personally had the “Pork Trio” which was a pork chop, pork belly, and kielbasa, each with it’s own sauce or topping (mustard and onions for the kielbasa, chutney for the pork chop, glaze for the pork belly). Was damn good.

    The crack pie for dessert came highly recommended. It’s worth going for alone IMO.

    An added bonus: I got a Rogue baltic porter on draft, referred to as “23.” It was an exclusive that was brewed specifically for a beer festival. I absolutely loved it.

    Service was VERY good, which made the experience even better. We asked a lot of questions, and our server was able to answer every query we had in detail, and was quite pleasant to boot.

    My cousins were super impressed, and kept bringing the place up after we had left.

    Highly recommended.



    Brunch Review: The Pearl
    Published on June 19, 2013 8:00 am
    By: Miriam Bowers Abbott

    Everyone already knows that The Pearl does oysters. And it serves water from mason jars: everyone knows that too. And since The Pearl is a Cameron Mitchell restaurant, everyone knows to expect a polished dining experience, complete with confident servers oozing with charm and charisma.

    But have you tried the pancakes?

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    Mister Shifter

    Those photos made me hungry. I’d like to try those huevos rancheros for sure.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Mister Shifter said:
    Those photos made me hungry.


    Mollie is a pretty awesome photographer. ;)




    Drunk Brunch: The Pearl Written by Cheryl Harrison
    September 19, 2013

    The Pearl has received much praise since it opened earlier this year, but I hadn’t yet visited as I’m not into oysters, which is, if you couldn’t guess from their name, their specialty. However, I AM extremely into brunch, so discovering they dished breakfasty goodness out was the perfect time for me to check them out.

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    Best New Restaurant of 2013: The Pearl
    Published on December 30, 2013 8:00 am
    By: Walker

    With nearly 50 new restaurants having opened between January and December, 2013 was a big year for anyone looking for new dining options. From fine dining to gastropubs to food trucks to pop-up restaurants to cheap eats, there was something to be found for everyone in just about every neighborhood.

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