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Breaking Bad on AMC

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    Ndcent wrote

    somertimeoh wrote Just watched the season finale. I’m so bummed this is over, it went by so fast!! DAMN!

    Ndcent, they are re-airing them at 10 on Sundays, from the beginning, if you missed any.

    Thanks. I caught most of last nights episode.

    I don’t think Time Warner has an AMC on demand channel?

    Let me check….yes, go to ENT-OD, (1140 for me) and AMC Breaking Bad is one of the options. Looks like only 3 episodes are up as of now.


    Just to let you know Nd, I went to that particular site because I haven’t seen this yet, and I’ll own a DVD ready copy of the season finale in HD in…28 minutes ;)


    the Tiara thing was absolutely f’ing hilarious!!!



    I got sucked in last night, but it makes me feel ill.

    the entire plot of him having cancer and working around cancer chemicals and putting himself in danger for his family who he is lying to, the whole thing kinda made me sick. But that is good drama.


    This show came back last night, although somehow I missed it. Gonna check out the season 2 premiere today though.


    Well, if the season 2 premiere is any indication, this show is only going to get better. Quirky funny moments, excellent drama, really good TV.


    Can watch here online.


    This show really continues to impress, the acting is really strong and the story totally engaging.


    wow, probably the darkest show on television. Still enjoying it, but kind of like I enjoyed Schindler’s List.



    last night was really good. it kinda freaks me out a lot(I don’t think I could watch it every week), but I think it is one of the best shows on tv right now.



    I’ve only seen the first three episodes this season (thank you for tivo baby jesus) and didn’t think it was that much better than the 1st season until that grocery store scene. genius.



    I can’t sleep after I watch this show…I get to worked up. Just great all around.


    This show always has a strange opening, but opening with a corrido about Heisenburg is a new level of strange.



    I loved that!

    I got caught up a couple of nights ago and can not imagine what sunday will bring.



    i started watching that and was like WTF??!! But it was cool. I think it’s my new Sunday night show.


    The drug deal in last night’s episode was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 525 total)

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