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Brassica - New Concept Going in Old Betty's Location

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    Nancy H

    Exterior dining tables showed up today. Still need their tops and seats attached. Don’t know if there will be more than these two picnic style tables or not. Tables are in the rear (Pearl Alley side of building)

    As much as I enjoy outdoor dining, I hope the Wood Companies finds a new location for our building’s bike rack – it used to be located where the tables now reside.

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    I went for the first time today. I am a fan. The pita is being stamped flat and baked at the front of the line for all to see as you come inside, the staff were incredibly friendly, and every ingredient looked good. I went for the falafel in pita. I was amazed how big the sandwich becomes after loading in four nice sized falafel balls and the accompanying choices; this becomes one hell of a big meal for $7.50 and I would think it is the bargain on the menu though the salad or hummus option (with same choice of protein or falafel) is not that much more expensive. For comparison’s sake, the falafel sandwich at Mazza in Grandview has far less falafel and goodies and far less mass though it is $5.00 IIRC. The sandwich is not what I would call “authentic” as it contains little in the way of salad and pickled veggies including peppers. The choice of either Baba Ghanouch or hummus to spoon into the bottom of the pita before any other ingredient throws it off the rails of authenticity from the star-it ought to be plain tahini. But the star of the show ought to be the falafel itself and Brassica’s are first rate, even though they are fried up in advance in small batches rather than being fried to order as at my personal pantheon of the art of falafel, Taim in the Village. The falafel here are light, fluffy, and bursting with that magic parsley, garlic, and chick pea flavor that frankly is sorely lacking everywhere else in C-Bus. So, in case you can’t tell, I highly recommend the falafel sandwich at this place as a bargain of fantastic quality and amount of food for the buck.



    I went Saturday and also can concur it was delicious. I am not super familiar with this type of food and got the chicken, but it was still great and just the right amount of spicy. I got it with beets and the carrots as well. Was decently filling (although I find Northstar’s serving sizes to be as well). I’ll be sure to try the falafel next time.

    Still a lack of signage or anything easy to figure out it’s there, though. Overheard others mentioning that too, but curious what it was. They should fix that.



    The signage is on order. It’s coming. Agreed with the above. The food, service, decor, everything was great. I’m a big fan.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Still a lack of signage or anything easy to figure out it’s there, though.

    At least they have a Facebook page! One step above Northstar’s social media outreach efforts. ;)



    Restaurant Review: Brassica
    November 4, 2015 9:30 am – Miriam Bowers Abbott

    Normally, you know exactly what to expect in a Chipotle styled joint. In the build-your-own world, there will be options such as lettuce, tomatoes and onions for starters. There will also be grilled chicken and steak… and bean sprouts if it the place is Asian-influenced. It’s all par for the creative course, right?

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/brassica-short-north-ma1



    Sign is up now and looks great!

    brassica sign


    Nancy H

    Love the new sign. Do worry about the wrap-around into Brickel Alley and some delivery truck scraping it off the side of the building. Brassica still has some glitches to work out, but a very welcome addition to the neighborhood.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    Finally tried this over the weekend. I’m now thoroughly obsessed. It’s a great addition to the SN. Every single item there was stellar.

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