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Boyfriend's BUI (buying under the influence)

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    My BF works a couple of jobs and sometimes gets home late and has a few adult beverages. Unfortunately he plants himself in front of the laptop and starts ‘chardonnay shopping’. I am guessing there must have been a Woot Off last week as there is a pile of boxes on the porch.

    I know millennials aren’t supposed to be ‘buying stuff’ according to the media but they need to look in our closets and basement. Last time I opened a box to find 4 leak frogs (wtf?) and a screaming monkey doll. We aren’t going broke or anything, but I know the UPS guy’s name and partial life story. Looks like I’ll need to find the box cutter.

    I am alone in this?





    My husband is susceptible to Woot Offs and Woot Shirt. For a minute I felt like there was a new t-shirt in our mailbox every week. He has trimmed back after I got him a closet organizer that does a better job of visually showing how many shirts he owns, but I know the desire is still lurking below the surface. It’s even spilled over to buying me shirts, which I like, but I’m not really much of a t-shirt kinda girl.

    Fab is my vice and its equally as bad.


    My wife would sympathize with you on this.



    Sounds like some people needs a channel blocker for the web, or a tougher captcha puzzle they can’t solve while drinking.



    Or a financial adviser.



    Or a keyboard breathalyzer.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    bucki12 said:
    Or a keyboard breathalyzer.

    Sounds like a great item to buy/order online! Post link plz!


    Alex Silbajoris

    My fortune is made, I’ll write a sobriety-test app where you have to close your eyes and touch the center of the screen to your nose.



    I have a tub of “emergency backup gifts” from Woot in the attic.



    I sometimes buy stupid stuff after a couple beverages too. Usually Amazon or Woot.



    Can’t offer any useful suggestions about the impulse buying other than to suggest that doing dumb things after drinking is a good reason to curtail one’s drinking.

    But, I wouldn’t mind getting one of those leakfrogs out of your closet for you.

    Think he’d be willing to part with it for $10? I have a spot on the basement floor I’ve been wanting to keep better track of during the rainy season.



    I am proud of myself for not buying the Vitamix blender that was on Woot last week.



    My vice is Amazon, and it’s usually more to do with middle-of-the-night decision-making breakdowns. I’ve gotten a lot better at it, once I realized what the pattern was.

    I will say I have some stellar camping supplies.



    I do this on Amazon a lot. I have Amazon prime so shipping is free which makes it even more tempting. I just bought an ear/nose hair trimmer and it works great!



    I have Amazon Prime and have more than a few Woots to my name as well (and, of course, Woot sold out to Amazon a while back, so it’s all the same now …).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 59 total)

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