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"Beyond the Grass Ocean" Children's Novel by Local Author Ron Horsley

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    Hey folks, thanks for taking a moment to give a glance this way…

    Ron Horsley, a local author/artist born and raised here in Columbus, is currently working on an illustrated children’s novel and looking to raise the funds needed to see it through to print.

    “Beyond the Grass Ocean” is a classic fairy tale quest for children of all ages, but also a tale that is intended to be educational and help open dialogue between adults and children about some of the biggest issues that face everyone in life.

    It’s the story of a little girl from a small fishing village on the edge of the Great Grass Ocean that dominates her World. Nary Thomas decides that–when nobody in her hometown can give her the answers to the mysteries of why people leave us and where do they go–that she and her friends must risk everything to travel to the Edge of the World and hopefully get the answers she wants from the bizarre Twins That Run the World, Somnol and Mortol.

    Along the way she discovers strange people and places, from the iron-walled City of Delights to the Village of Finders-Keepers, from the Behemoth of the Grasses to the dark and horrific Hideous Sad, that will expose her to many other mysteries of the adult world. And ultimately help her realize that sometimes the only answers we get in life are those we ultimately figure out for ourselves.

    The story was completed last year and is currently being illustrated by Ron as his master’s project as part of the MFA program at the Columbus College of Art & Design. It’s projected completion date is the end of April.

    Already samples of the artwork and video segments explaining its purpose, as well as additional info on the author and his other critically-recognized works in urban fantasy and science fiction are available at the Official Website:

    Beyond the Grass Ocean: A Tale for Every Worldly Child

    There are also relevant Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook pages to keep you regularly up-to-date on the book’s progress and additional promotional efforts to reach its fundraising goal.

    There is even a full PDF of the first draft text available if you want to be a beta reader and find out what numerous others have already discovered for themselves: this story, as author and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary Braunbeck has said, “could be a game-changer for the field” of children’s literature.

    Currently we’re at 25 days to the March 17th deadline to raise the $2,100 needed to see to its publication in July, 2015. Thanks to the generosity of the many donors so far, we’ve arrived at $890, 42% of goal, but there is still a good distance left to reach to see it successfully funded.

    If any of you have children, or care about simply seeing great storytelling with heart and purpose getting published independently and free of any political, social or religious biases…just an urge to see children entertained and enlightened by their stories much as classics like the Oz books, “The Phantom Tollbooth,” and the works of authors like Chris Van Allsburg and Neil Gaiman have done for decades, show your support by pledging for the publication and release of “Beyond the Grass Ocean.”

    The Kickstarter Project can be seen here.

    Thanks for your time reading and hope to see your support for the book!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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