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    Batter up

    Used car dealers are like assholes. They all stink and they are full of SHlT!



    The certified GM dealership on Morse and 71 is about as good as it gets. Have found amazing deals in the past for great cars.


    Analogue Kid

    pez wrote >>

    I’m mixed on Toyota’s issues. We own an ’09 RAV4 that’s subject to the recall and I don’t hesitate to load the family up and go. I am concerned that they were investigating the accelerator issue for at least 2 years, then when they are essentially forced by the government to shut down a solution is found in a week. I’m also disappointed in them for the apparent lengths they went to in efforts to bury issues and keep them from NHTSA.
    Discounting the gas pedal, I still don’t see the same Toyota quality in this truck as others in the past. The transmission shifts rough, it rattles and squeaks more than I think it should and the rear wiper stops working from time to time. Overall though, I like the truck, it drives nice and can swallow a surprising amount if stuff. The only concern I have about resale value would be if it’s wrecked, otherwise we drive them into the ground.

    Agree with your thoughts on Toyota. They’re really not making bad cars, it’s just they aren’t quite as focused as they used to be. Plus, I really want to have some semblance of trust with a company that’s making a $25,000 product. I don’t feel like I would have that right now if I were in the market for a new car.


    derm said:
    For a small local dealer, I recommend Larry Burchfield at Third Ave Auto near Grandview. I have purchased 2 vehicles from him. He works on the vehicles himself.


    Thanks for the recommendation, Derm. Larry is good people to work with.

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)

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