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    I’ve had pretty good luck at using Craigslist to purchase used cars (private individuals and dealers). The key is to research, research, and do more research. All cars, new and used, will have problems and defects. You need to identify those defects and determine if they have been fixed, need fixed, and price adjust accordingly.

    If you are purchasing a car with a timing belt, find out it when it is due for service or if it has been done (with receipts). A lot of your smaller displacement cars need this changed every 60k-100k miles to the tune of $400-$600. A failed timing belt is NOT FUN.

    I do my own service work and have a high-tolerances for ‘issues.’ Likewise, I thoroughly price check parts and ‘what-ifs’ before I make any commitment to buy. Also, what dealer add-on warranties. The warranty may not cover as much as what you think (especially with a used car).



    Do any of you trust the GM Certified Used Car 12mo/12K miles? Have you purchased a car with this and needed to use it?



    If I were looking for a car right now I’d be looking to pick up a Toyota on the cheap.



    lifeliberty wrote >>
    If I were looking for a car right now I’d be looking to pick up a Toyota on the cheap.

    Totally agree.



    lifeliberty, I was thinking that too. Have you or anyone else in the market seen a drop in Toyota prices yet?

    edit: this thread is great, BTW!



    I read some articles that used and new toyota prices are dropping. last I read was that new prices came down like $500 with another $500 drop on the way. the media storm give the buyer great bargaining power.

    Some dealers won’t take them in on trade, while others laugh at that and want as many as they can get.

    Really if you look at the recalls, they are minor issues for the vehicles. it’s not like the engines or gas tanks are blowing up. this stuff will all be fixed under the recall and you are still going be left with a great quality car.



    I read in the NYT that Toyota values have dropped 2-5% since the recalls started. They got their info from KBB.



    One of the NPR shows was talking about the Toyota thing (Planet Money? Marketplace?) and basically, looking at the numbers, the average person has a greater chance of being hit by a school bus than having a Toytoa with a stuck accelerator problem.

    It’s still the same good car.


    Analogue Kid

    I think as far as Toyota is concerned, the marketplace is finally pricing them correctly. In the past 3-4 years, their quality (regardless of any recalls) has been slipping (and American companies dramatically improving) to the point where a Camry is no better than a Chevy Malibu and definitely eclipsed by a Ford Fusion. Prior to the media firestorm, you would pay much more for a similar condition/mileage an 08 Camry than a 08 Malibu. The same may not be true now; at least it shouldn’t be.

    The fact is a majority of people buy a car based on the reputation, not actual recent hard data. Many shoppers still consider GM a poor choice because of the crap they put out from about 1972-1995. I encourage anybody in the market for a vehicle to visit the library and read Consumer Reports to get a current look at vehicle quality. For example, if you think Ford and Hyundai are poor choices, you have some catching up to do.




    the new twin turbo Flex,and the Fusion are impressive,but Ford still has a way to go.
    if Ford and Hyundai are so great,why does their resale value suck so much,compared to Toyota?

    this accelerator problem is not a huge deal for Toyota,or it’s owners.

    what you have here is just another example of the media pouncing like the jackals they are.




    I have never owned anything but a Toyota and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, even in light of recent bad press.
    My Camry has 140k on it, has had no issues at all and will last at least another 100k with good care and maintenance. I’m looking to snap up a good deal on another used Toyota for my teenager and expect the same reliability. This thread has been helpful.



    A co-worker of mine just bought a cadillac CTS for 19k at a dealer auction, not really that great of a deal. They seem to be ok deals, but not all that great.



    agtw31 wrote >>

    cory wrote >>

    It’s true, it’s a pain in the ass dicking with people. The fact is that when you walk onto a lot and want to try to get them to discount their car, you are asking them to let go of money from the store’s bottom line, and b) asking them to take less on the salesperson’s paycheck. Honestly, I couldn’t see $300 on a trade that they are just going to take to the auction stop them from putting a deal together. A lot of the times it just depends on the manager. The sales person’s job is to make people understand the company’s point of view and still pretend to be on your side!

    a salesperson’s job is to sell a frigging car.if a salesperson is explaining the dealer’s point of view,he’s not doing his job.
    as for the car for sale,that was the ridiculous part,we never even got to the actual price of the vehicle he was interested in.
    after the sales manager and salesperson went for a ride and ran the crap out of his trade-in(they all do this),the sales person comes back and went straight after his trade-in,and just would not STFU about it.
    as for knocking down the price of the car,it’s a fact used vehicles sold by a dealer have as high as 50% markup.
    most large dealerships have buyers that go to auctions and buy the inventory for the dealer.
    dealers do not put trade-ins on the lot,unless they are nice,or they stole the trade in from the buyer.
    used cars are where dealers really make their money.they crush people on used cars,lots of profit there.
    selling new cars is just job security for the service and parts dept.which is income for the dealership,as well
    btw,dealers don’t take trade-ins to an auction,that’s a waste of time and money.
    they are sold to wholesalers who flip them at auctions or on ebay,craigslist,or they have a buy here/pay here lot they sell the junkers at.

    Parker wrote >>
    Someone said not to buy on Craigslist, why? How is this different than a private party sale? I’m not trying to argue for it – I genuinely would like to know the cons of cars on Craigslist because I see a lot of them advertised but have not taken the time to make a call.
    What do people think about these dealerships that have a “lot price” and a (usually) cheaper “internet price”?

    nothing wrong with buying a car on Craigslist,you just need to know what to look for on a car,and never go see a car where you’re not familiar with the surroundings.
    i always tell people to meet me at a police substation to check out a car.
    as for internet sales from a dealer,there is no difference in price,it’s all dealer bullshit.

    A salesperson’s job is to sell a car, not give one away. I wouldn’t let $300 keep me from buying the car I want. People think they should go to buy a car,(or any major purchase) and the seller shouldn’t make any money. Salespeople have bills to pay too, and I assure you no one is getting rich in sales these days (Unless they’re selling weapons to the military!)
    Like everything else, there is markup. If most of the things we bought on a daily basis were only marked up 50%, those items wouldn’t be available to us because the companies selling them would go out of business.
    A lot has changed in the car business since the internet revolution. People walk on the lot knowing what they should be paying, so there isn’t as much markup as you might think. A lot of dealers mark a competative price on the window, but people continue to think they should automatically pay $4,000 less. The point is, there are good people in the car sales business who deserve to make a living. Greg and Aaron at Toyota Direct are definitly two of them.



    KSquared wrote >>
    I have never owned anything but a Toyota and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, even in light of recent bad press.
    My Camry has 140k on it, has had no issues at all and will last at least another 100k with good care and maintenance. I’m looking to snap up a good deal on another used Toyota for my teenager and expect the same reliability. This thread has been helpful.

    Toyotas are great cars. However, most cars that are maintained the way they should be will go the distance too. My 99 Plymouth Breeze has 182k ;)

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