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Best place to get moving boxes?

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    Looks like I’ll be moving soon — packing up 14 years of stuff. Last time I moved I went to the liquor store and got boxes, but it looks like they all break down their boxes anymore.

    Any suggestions on cheap sources of moving boxes?


    Miami Joe



    I bet theres lot of info on this site if you use the search function.



    I wouldn’t go to Target, they have a TON of boxes behind the store, but I think they are marked for re-use, so definitely don’t go there.


    Miami Joe

    I’ve found that Walmart (and, to a lesser extent, Target) typically have everything that I need, and at a great price too. I know I’ve seen moving boxes there before. Although, I can’t say as though I’ve purchased any, so I can’t quote you a price. But I’m sure the price is reasonable.



    You could always try the local Freecycle mailinglist, where you might be able to get used boxes for free. I’ve not actually gotten boxes there myself, but I’ve seen both offer and wanted ads for moving boxes on that list several times.



    A lot of places re-use their containers now, but you might want to go to a mall and ask at a few stores. I worked at the gap when I was 18 and we would get about 50 boxes every week. Find out what day they get their shipments and tell them you’ll come that day and take however many boxes you need. They’ll probably be happy to not have to break them down.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans


    Go to a textbook store. The boxes have a durability prerequisite because books need to look pristine and because they are heavy.

    I work at one- although I will not disclose which so that we dont get bombarded with movers- we try to keep them in house… but when someone asks for boxes, we are more than willing to hook them up.


    Nitsud Regnifloh

    U-HAUL, you buy, you use, you take back unused, get cash back for beer, you re-use other boxes. done



    I used to work at a grocery store in college and from experience I know that egg boxes are the best. They have handles on the sides, are the perfect size and are very durable. After all, they were created to move about 50lbs of a fragile item (eggs) so they’re perfect for most anything and some even have dividers in them!

    Go to Kroger or Giant Eagle and ask them to save you some–you need to ask a day or two ahead of time because they’re a hot item!



    Leaders moving company sells boxes. If they are in decent shape afterwards, they will buy them back.


    Does anybody have moving boxes available? We are transporting our 3-person/1-dog household cross-country so we need something good and sturdy (e.g. not the ones I usually pull from dumpsters). Please let me know. Thank you!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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