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Best Non-Jeni's Ice Cream

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Yeah, yeah, everyone loves Jeni’s… but what is your second-favorite ice cream in Columbus? There’s a great new blog post at Experience Columbus’ site (written by CMH Gourmand) that focuses on three non-Jeni’s Ice Cream shops: Johnson’s, Vienna Ice Cafe and Mardi Gras:


    Any other favorites?



    I haven’t had it, but B said that Vienna’s is the best. I also have to say I’m not a huge fan of the Jeni. I dunno, I just don’t think it’s worth it. but then again I like savory things more than sweet. i’d rather have a bretzel than a jeni.



    whit’s custard.



    Vienna Ice Cafe is great. I would go there as quickly as I would go to Jeni’s. I love there Key Lime Pie. I also enjoying eating Ice cream without plastic.



    Rita’s Ice in Westerville is pretty great too and th
    e owner is great too!


    knight’s. they used to have a shop in north linden too but i think they’re just in westerville now



    Graeters has the best rasberry and dark chocolate chunk around.



    Coreroc said:
    Graeters has the best rasberry and dark chocolate chunk around.




    Graeter’s is my go-to for a milkshake.



    ThaMissus sure likes Graeter’s Mocha Chosolate Chip (I don’t argue with ThaMissus).

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I’ve been to Vienna a few times lately and have really been digging it. Graeter’s is always good, though we don’t go too often. We have some friends who swear by Hanedel’s as well, and we always go there when visiting them and I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve tried there.

    Honestly, the list of bad ice cream places is probably a shorter one. ;) Good ice cream is all over Columbus!



    Normally Jeni’s smaller size is the perfect amount of ice cream for me. But when I’m craving a giant ice cream cone Graeter’s Black Raspberry is my go to.

    Whit’s Custard is also really good.


    I am 3

    That would be whits – and thye are way better than jennies



    I like Whit’s a lot, but in no way are they intrinsically better than Jenni’s.



    No mention of Clown Cone Ice Cream and Confections here! Not too surprising, since they are tucked away between two sections of strip mall stores in the Northern Lights shopping center off of Cleveland.

    They are older than most stores listed on this thread, as Mark took ownership of the Clown themed shop over 35 years ago, added confections and retained the clown theme in homage of his father who traditionally donned the frightening (or funny) wardrobe.

    While he doesn’t produce his own ice cream, he buys from five different sources who supply some of his routinely favorite ice creams, two of them Ohio-based companies – Velvet and Ashby’s. He’s especially fond of Velvet’s vanilla. I believe the others are Edy’s, Hershey’s and Instawhip. The banana pudding ice cream I ate today came from Ashby’s, but not sure about the banana ice cream on the bottom.Buckeyelicious is a Velvet product and a regularly stocked item.

    More than just an ice cream store, Mark will make milk shakes, sundaes, and snowcones, and sells a few savory items on the cheap, like 85¢ hot dogs, and $1.25 “school” pizzas. He sells ice cream inspired creations suitable for parties, and smaller items like frozen bananas and frozen cones. On the other side of the counter is a variety of bulk candy and novelty candies that draw a lot of kids from North Linden to his little store. And if you are into kitsch, there are a lot of trinkets for sale like unique salt and pepper shakers, Coin Bears from all 50 states (except Ohio -sold out), and clown stuff.

    Next time you are on Cleveland Avenue on a thrift store run or a Northend Alternative Eats Tour, check them out:

    Clown Cone & Confections
    (614) 267-2925
    3431 Cleveland Ave, #F, Columbus, OH 43224

    More pics:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157627673166118/

    Mark with banana pudding icecream + banana ice cream in a waffle cone

    Ice cram flavors

    various confections and clown stuff for sale

    trinkets for sale

    Frozen treats

    Special order items

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 68 total)

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