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Best Factory Tours in Columbus?

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    Anybody know of good factory and facility tours we can take in/near Columbus? I know that SWACO gives group tours. This could make an interesting article, but mainly I am interested in finding low-budget fun. Thanks!



    American Whistle, the only US manufacturer of metal whistles. They make most, if not all of the whistles used in the NFL, NCAA and other professional sports. My wife took the tour a couple years ago with some children and loved it. The admission price covers the cost of a whistle and lanyard at the end.



    Anthony Thomas does tours. I haven’t toured it but I would bet there’s a little free chocolate involved which is never a bad thing.

    Graeter’s on Bethel does tours.

    And the Krema Nut Company in Grandview does tours, but it looks like there’s a 20 person minimum so if you can get a bunch of friends together…

    If you don’t mind a little ride to Mansfield they have a pretty cool carrousel factory and museum tour. I can’t find the site but it’s basically right across the street from the Richland Carrousel Park[/url] I have done this tour, our tour guide was kind of an idiot but otherwise it was interesting and fun. And paired with a ride on the Carrousel across the street it was a good day.

    Have fun and let us know where you go!


    Does the big Budweiser brewery do tours?


    ndekke39 wrote >>
    Does the big Budweiser brewery do tours?

    They used to, I went on one in the late 80’s, and at that time you got a lot of free beer too. I think I remember hearing that at least the free beer part changed though.



    The Budweiser tours were discontinued there as part of one of the expansions. Other than the free beer at the end, it wasn’t really that good of a tour though, outside of some interesting history, it seemed more of an afterthought. I can’t help but wonder whether Gov. Taft’s draconian views on alcohol and giving out freebies may have helped seal its fate.

    Some others I found at FactoryToursUSA.com : Krema Nut and Honda. And if you’re desperate … The Original Mattress Factory.


    I actually think I’ve heard good things about the Krema tour now that you mention it.



    I’ve been on the Anthony Thomas tour and thought it was pretty dull.

    The Budweiser tour was pretty good I thought. Just the size of the operation was impressive to me.




    Only manufacturer of metal whistles in the USA.



    You are all awesome for giving so many recommendations. Thanks! Now I have plenty of things to stay busy with through summer. To add to the pile, I found a washboard company in Logan that does an annual festival: http://www.columbuswashboard.com/ …apparently the only washboard made in the USA. Who knew? I would love to buy about 5 of those things and tie them together to make a headboard.



    it isn’t a factory,

    Tours of the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden

    The Ohio Statehouse



    turbo ninja

    You may be able to talk one of the local microbrewers into a tour, inasmuch as standing in a room and pointing at vats is a “tour.”

    I took one at the Sweetwater brewery in Atlanta, but the actual tour was an afterthought and excuse to have a live band in the parking lot and drink lots of super-cheap beer after exhausting the coupons for free pints you get when you pay your admission fee.

    CBC could do something similar: Block off the lot, drag some band down from the CD101 Big Room up the street, and put on a rock show. Charge admission and provide a pint glass (or plastic cup to avoid breakage) plus a couple of beer tokens, and get people down there to enjoy your product and give them basic tours of the brewing operation. After the tokens are used up, accept “green tokens,” aka cash money, for further refills. Make a further fortune off pizzas and apps from the restaurant.



    I just learned that CaJohn’s Fiery Foods[/url] does tours at their Oakland Park factory. Chef Steve spoke at an event of mine last night and it was incredibly informative, funny, interesting and interactive. CaJohn and Steve did demos at the Fiery Foods Festival at North Market a few months ago.

    If hot stuff is your thing check it out, should be a good time.

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