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Best Columbus Restaurants for Vegetarians?

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    While most places have *something* I think what he was getting at in the first post was that usually you go and have one or two options. That’s fine and all, but as a vegetarian/vegan it is great to go somewhere, open the menu, and see that you have a ton of options to chose from rather than just getting the token veg dish. It’s not bad at all eating at most places in Columbus, like Walker said most places in town have something thought-out on the menu, but it is refreshing and fun to go somewhere like Loving Hut and have the run of the place.



    The original… whole world bakery in clintonville right on high. Classic (been around forever). Used to have something called the Sage Burger – delicious no matter what type of food you enjoy most. And their salads are something I still crave.

    I’m not a vegetarian, but their faux meat options are pretty good and their salad portions are huge. Good dessert options as well, and it’s an intimate setting.



    Love Mazah, Alladin, Aab as suggested above. Most Chinese places around town have plenty for vegetarians, so any good Chinese restaurant will almost certainly also be a good vegetarian restaurant. Moys on campus has some of my favorite tofu.

    NerosNeptune got this right. I am vegan and you are really lucky cause Columbus has some amazing food options and if you are vegetarian this is easy as cake, which you can have too. Vegetarians usually eat dairy, Eggs, cheese, butter which make the choices easy to go anywhere. The best places are generally ethnic food outside of the “american” burger and fries joints (lame).

    So the great places include: surly girl, dirty franks, General Tso’s Chinese, tons of great indian places like New India, Tadka, banana leaf, you have Mediterranean like Mazah, Aladdin’s, Portia’s Cafe, Whole World is a must for breakfast as is Northstar Cafe (go to the one in Clintonville cause they have sweet potato fries).

    Your best friends are the Yelp app and Urbanspoon app for your phone, just lookup vegetarian and check reviews and try them. All beers and alcohol are vegetarian (not all are vegan -like Guinness which uses the swim bladders of fish in the distillation process). Vegetarian is easy, vegan can get tricky but in Columbus it is pretty easy as we are absolutely a “food city”. I only touched on a few places.

    Stay informed, ask questions, most restaurants will work with you no problem too. You came to the right place and are very sweet to care to ask for her.



    This is kind of a trick question as Columbus, for a city this size, is sorely lacking in exclusively vegetarian/vegan restaurants. But, as others point out, there are at least a couple tasty options at most places.

    I like Whole World, especially the Sunday brunch, but they could really use some competition. I think they’ve long ago grown complacent with the lack of options.

    Hal & Al’s is closed but I thought they were mediocre anyway. They had some good things but others were crap. The Sunday brunch was nasty the last two times I went.

    Banana Leaf & Udipi are my favorite Indian. I know many like Aab but I’ve been there twice & walked away unimpressed. I don’t get the love for that place. Reethika (near 161/Sawmill) also serves meat dishes but I like their veg offerings.

    Northstar is always good.

    The Surly Girl, Dirty Frank’s, etc family of restaurants works, too. (But double check at DF’s to make sure the hot dogs served are actually veggie & not meat).

    All of the international food options help tremendously, of course.

    But, after some recent traveling on the west coast, I was reminded/surprised how far behind we are on exclusive restaurants. Perhaps it is just a supply/demand thing.



    Thanks indeed, everyone. I should clarify: she’s Indian, but she’s also something of a gourmet chef, so her attitude towards Indian places is “anything South Indian, I can do better; anything North Indian is generally pointless because South Indian is better.” (She’s Tamil, for those familiar with the sub-groups over there.) But I can at least also use the the prevalence of Indian restaurants all over Columbus as a signal that she won’t be alone if … hypothetically … she does end up coming to love the city and that leads to certain geolocational lifestyle changes. Like I said, I’m planning a multi-weekend Columbus discovery tour for her, so vegetarian dining options aren’t the only thing going on the menu (no pun intended). But they’re definitely going to be a big part because the lack of decent vegetarian options is definitely something of an issue up here in Akron.



    If she enjoys pizza you can get some excellent veg pies at Harvest (the veggie sandwich at the Cville location is killer, as well) and Yellow Brick.

    I would also suggest The Crest, Bareburger and Wolf’s Ridge.


    If you hit Grandview, other than the given recommendations, Mazah and Aladdins, Figlio has a ton of pizza and pasta that are vegetarian or could be made so easily. You could walk around the corner to La Tavola and Rick could make you anything you want, just ask him. Then hit Jeni’s and Staufs.



    Alana cooks Indian at least as well as any Indian Restaurant in town and usually can dazzle vegetarians (my wife is very carnivorous and accidentally ate three vegetarian dishes for dinner there recently).

    Deepwood has a separate vegetarian menu with plenty of impressive options.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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